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Independence Kit

Independence Kit


$550 VALUE! Our Independence Kit is on sale all month long. Shimmer and shine with this pink metallic 3 tier kit. This aluminum kit is multi-use and can be used by level entry artists or experienced. This is stacked and packed with the most needed essentials. The products below will LAST! Keep in mind with LivBay Products less is more. Don't forget we offer wholesale as well! Lash trays can be changed upon request. 

-5 Foam & 5 regular lint free eyepads
-Purple paper flexible paper tape
-50 pack of glitter lip wands for priming or removals
-Small pack of Blossom rings that help with fanning and making sleek bases
-Deep cleansing brush 
-50 Pack of pear shaped pink and white wands
-10ml Strawberry primer
-Fiber Tip Magic Mike tweezer 
-Gold Crush tweezer
-Glue aid (helps with finicky adhesive and stickies)
-Melt away 60 second remover
- Lash Mirror (style may vary) 
-Our new Sheer purple that dries clear (Great for sensitive clients and colored lashes but can be used on all clients)
-30ml Climax Bonder
-.05 C Mix Cloud 9 lashes 8-16mm
.03 CC mix Matte Love for ya lashes 8-16mm
.07 Mullberry Lashes in mixed 9-15
.18 DD Mixed Matte love for ya 8-16mm
-Keys to lock it up!
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