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  • LivBay Mannequin Heads

    These are the perfect mannequin heads for anyone practicing their lash skills. You’re able to Lash, remove, prime, tape back and lash bath these lashes. One set of eyelids with...
    $ 75.00 USD
  • NEW Metallic Lavender LivBay Mask

    *SHIPS BY TUESDAY Our Lash Mask is ergonomically designed for all Lash Artists. Light purple metallic mask with one breathing vent. One size fits all.
    $ 26.00 USD
  • Lash Mask

    *SHIPS BY TUESDAY Our Lash Mask is ergonomically designed for all Lash Artists. Extremely light, soft & comfortable and comes with a replaceable carbon filter. This mask is meant to...
    $ 24.00 USD
  • Eyelash Banana Scent Primer

     Our Banana Scent LivBay Lash Primer is a must-have, especially for your oily clients. Not only does it help balance the PH level, but it also strips natural oils and residue...
    $ 15.00 USD
  • Anti-fog Face shield

    This plastic face shield has a sponge headband that’s extremely comfortable. This is a full length covering eyes, nose and mouth. Easily sanitized. 
    $ 10.00 USD
  • Lash Wand with Sanitary Protector

    Keep you wands sanitary, reusable and protected with our adorable wand protecting tubes.
    $ 2.00 USD
  • Cover Me Up Buttercup - Tweezer Stand

    This 8 piece tweezer holder has an acrylic tip to eliminate anything hitting those tips after a nice tweezer soak. Actual hold has a light cherry marble look (some more...
    $ 35.00 USD
  • Cream Remover

    Our LivBay cream remover is not your standard remover. Avoiding gel, our cream remover is designed to eliminate any irritation during or after the removal process. The consistency is thicker...
    $ 15.00 USD
  • LivBay Adhesive Shaker

    Expedite the process of assuring all ingredients are mixed properly with our adhesive shaker. Compatible with other adhesives by our interchangeable nozzles you only need to shake for up to...
    $ 42.00 USD
  • LivBay Magnetic Tweezer Case

    Avoid cringing when you drop your tweezers with our lightweight LivBay Lash Magnetic Tweezer Case. Our cases hold 6 tweezers (3 on each side - only one side is magnetic)
    $ 22.00 USD
  • LivBay Limited Edition Kit

    Great Limited Edition kit stocked full of many popular  items!  2 lip masks 1 pack of Pink Lip Wands 1 pack of Pink & White Mascara Wands 15 Glue Rings 1 Gel Remover 1...
    $ 250.00 USD
  • Bladeless Kitty Fan

    This USB charged 3 level fan will help you in your lash journey and also a great retail product for your clients after washing lashes daily.
    $ 17.00 USD
  • LivBay Lash Bath Combo

    Bath & Brush Combo. Keep your lashes healthy and happy with our tear free foam bath. Designed to remove oils and build up from your lids and lashes while balancing...
    $ 16.00 USD
  • Booty Cush

    Super cozy booty pillow to assist in your lashing comfort.
    $ 28.00 USD
  • LivBay Lash Print Mister

    Get your cure on! Our USB rechargeable lash print mister is exactly the same as our LivBay except this one has a cute lash pattern. This item comes with a...
    $ 22.00 USD
  • LivBay Mister

    Get your cure on! Our USB rechargeable pink Diamond mister is one of our favorites! This item comes with a USB cord and an easy to use water droplet for distilled...
    $ 22.00 USD
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