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How LivBay Shaped The Growth Of The Lash Industry.

Welcome to LivBay Lash where we are experts in all things lashes. Our Mission is to provide high quality products for affordable prices. We are an educational brand that provides quality tips and tutorials along with lash business advice through our YouTube channel and podcast.

Our name is after our two miracle babies Olive & Baylor. We equip lash artists with everything they need when it comes to lash extension education, top of the line lash supplies, and starting a business. The eyelash industry has hoarded information and secrets for too long. We have decided to break that mold and grow a new movement that empowers others.


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We started this business with a negative bank account and no guidance with this industry. What started out of a house has now turned into an eight figure company consisting of 4 salon locations, a warehouse, supply line, retail store & most of all education through online and in person classes. The secret to our success is God, staying humble and finding flaws in this industry by genuinely helping others succeed. We continue to spread knowledge with not only our educational 5 day Lash Courses but also our YouTube & Podcast under LivBay Lash. We appreciate each and every one of our clients & customers and look forward to changing this Lash industry for the better. Mike and Shauna take extreme pride in their company. If someone is ever not satisfied, they try to go the extra mile to ensure they become a LivBay client for life.


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LivBay Lash is a family owned and operated business here in Las Vegas Nevada. The principal owners are a husband and wife duo consisting of Mike and Shauna Jones. Today LivBay Lash employees over 100 lash artists, warehouse workers, retail clerks, corporate officers, and receptionists. Mike and Shauna have established themselves as industry leaders in the eyelash world. They are always happy to give valuable content and free products to their loyal customer base. Most loyal fans have referred to them as the Chip and Joanna Gaines of the lash world. LivBay has a unique open door policy that allows for others to come see any of their Vegas Valley Salons or 13,000 sq ft warehouse and corporate office.


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Shauna received her certification in Lashes in 2011. She did lashes for free from home for one full year while she perfected her craft. The training she received wasn’t good back then and there wasn’t a YouTube channel to get advice or tips. Like most lash artists she felt like the trainer took her money and promised the world only to find out you can’t be taught eyelash extensions in 1 day.  Through lots of trial and error she finally learned the trade of lash extensions and became an expert. In 2015 she and her husband Mike opened the very first LivBay Lash salon with only a couple hundred dollars to their name and some credit cards. They shared an old 2007 Jeep Cherokee with well over 150,000 miles and worked 2nd jobs to keep their salon afloat while they slowly built the business up. At one point in time, they even went as far as selling the landlords refrigerator just to pay rent.


Shauna wanted to make the service affordable for all clients. Since she was a working class average Jane, she figured why not make it so everyone can afford lashes. With a little luck and a tremendous blessing from God, she was able to start an affordable eyelash boutique that still did high end quality work for not over the top prices. Today LivBay Lash is now the biggest and most successful Eyelash Salon in Las Vegas with three beautiful locations in Henderson, Summerlin, and Centennial. LivBay was the first and only luxury Lash Boutique to offer private individual rooms for each client.

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Mike has a background in finance and marketing as well as being a lifelong entrepreneur from many different business adventures. When Shauna first approached him and said she was going to become a lash artist Mike laughed it off and said he would have to get a 2nd job because there is no way there is any money in lashing. Obviously that proved to be wrong. Mike prides himself on developing new marketing tactics and finding innovative ways to get their product in the consumer’s hands. Shauna is the creative one that specializes in the look and feel of all the products and posh look of the salons. Together they make a perfect team. Mike and Shauna are one of those rare couples that are together 24 hours a day yet rarely fight.


Mike and Shauna started LivBay Supplies in 2018. It was by accident that they started retailing products. They decided to create their own products to save money at the salons and with their training classes. They quickly realized that no one in Las Vegas was selling lash products and opened their first retail store. What started as a way of increasing profits in the salon quickly became a household name nationally. Today, LivBay has become one of the top lash supply brands in the world with customers ordering in every major county. Mike and Shauna decided rather than charge too much for products, they need to make a product that everyone can afford. They do it for the single mom trying to have a side hustle. They do it for the new lash artist that can’t afford to spend a lot of money. They do it for everyone out there that is sick and tired of being overcharged.


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