LivBay Frequently Asked Questions


What is the shelf life of my glue unopened?

Up to six months if stored properly


Are your lash trays animal cruelty free?

Yes. We use a faux or synthetic mink that is derived from PBT Thread (polyurethane)


How do I know the tweezers will grip right away?

We hand test every tweezer personally before shipping. Each tweezer purchase comes with a mini Polaroid picture of your hand tested tweezer.


Do you offer a sensitive glue?

Yes. We offer a Clear Glue for clients with sensitivities. Most case studies have shown that the carbon black in lash adhesive is what causes a reaction and not the cyanoacrylate.


What is the difference between your matte and regular lashes?

The matte lashes have no gloss and appear to give a darker denser look without needing to layer up more lashes.


What is the main ingredient in your glue?

Cyanoacrylate. This is the main ingredient that causes the glue to bond to your natural lash.


Do your glues have different dry times?

Yes. We have glues that are a ½ second up to 3 second dry time. It’s important to note that hand speed and experience play a factor in deciding which glue to choose from.


How do I know if the Baby LivBay Original Mini (Black) - 3ML will work for me?

3ML Recommended for advanced Lash Artist only as it has a quick dry time! Dry time for this glue is 1-sec 40-70% humidity range and the regular temperature of this glue needs to be 68-72 degrees. The retention of this glue is 4-6 weeks.


What is the LivBay Low Humidity Glue?

This glue is perfect for those dryer climates with a humidity range of 30-50%.  It has a dry time of 1-1.5 seconds so is perfect for those advanced artist or those transitioned to a faster dry time. Works best in temperatures between 67-73 degrees.


Is the LivBay Mega Bond truly Oil Resistant?

This latex-free Glue has a banana scent is designed for experienced Lash Artists only & perfect for Volume & Mega fans. Thin Viscosity & low fumes with retention up to 5 weeks. This is ideal for clients with oil skin or wear a lot of makeup. This glue is a 1-second dry time and works best with temperatures between 67-73 degrees. The humidity range is 45-65%. 



What’s all the fuss about the Seal Deal Adhesive?

Our newest and most innovative glue to date. We are the first ones on the market to have this. This glue drops 0.03 grams of glue every times saving you money and glue. The nozzle and cap are designed to stay 99.99% closed so zero air enters the glue. The Seal Deal has a 1-2 second dry time and works best in 30-70% humidity and its Latex free.


Does the Magnetic Vibe really activate like magnetic strip lashes?

This 1-2 sec adhesive with a 30-70% humidity range locks into the natural lash just like a magnet would. It grabs the natural lash and it can be used for all sets. Magnetic Vibe is latex free like all our adhesives and has a thin viscosity. Best Temperature for this adhesive is.


Are your adhesives latex free?

Yes, all of our adhesives are both latex and formaldehyde free.


What type of metal is your tweezers made of?

All of our tweezers are made with hand finished chromium steel. Chromium steel privets great corrosion resistance against most chemicals as well as atmospheric conditions. It can withstand temperature for high heat sterilization. 


How many clients can I lash with your Deluxe Mobile Kit?

This kit is meant to lash 50 clients depending on each lash set and experience.
If you’re still getting the hang of creating that perfect volume fan, that 50 client average may vary.


What’s the difference between your cream and gel remover?

The cream remover takes longer to break down the bond and is less irritating on the skin. The gel is more aggressive and for quick removals when you are short on time.


What type of water should I use with your mister?

We recommend using Distilled water to avoid getting clogged by sediment in hard water. 


Do your lash masks come with a filter?

Yes. Our cloth masks are washable and come with replacement filters.


How quickly will my order arrive?

Our LivBay Lash warehouse is open 7 days a week from 8am to 7pm and we ship orders Monday through Saturday. We send instant email confirmation with tracking information as soon as your order is ready to be shipped.


What is your return policy?

We have a limited return policy as we are unable restock returned used goods and have to absorb the cost.  If you would like to return a product, please review our policy in full and then reach out to us by phone to discuss the reason you wish to return your product. We're unable to do a full refund on any used products. Restocking fees are applied to all orders over $200


What are Flat Lashes?

Flat lashes are eyelash extensions that are flat at the base. They are only available in our classic diameters of .15 and .18.


How Should I store my unopened Lash Glue?

Adhesives should be stored in a cool, dark place, out of direct sunlight. Once opened, do not store bottles in a refrigerator, as moisture can enter the bottle and react with the adhesive.

How long are LivBay Adhesives good for after opening?

Adhesives are good for 4-6 weeks if stored properly.


Are your Fans and Misters Battery powered?

No. All of our fans and misters are USB powered and can be recharged.


How many rows of 8 and 9mm in your Big Momma Premade mixed fan boxes?

There is 1 row of 8mm and 1 of 9mm. The rest are double rows. 320 premade fans total.


Looking For More Answers?

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