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Magnetic Vibe 5ML

Magnetic Vibe 5ML


Magnetic Vibe - Lash Glue - 5ml

This adhesive is one of our top sellers! great for newer or advanced lash artists just make sure its always reading within range by using the LivBay hygrometer. 
This 1-2 second adhesive with a 30-70% humidity range locks into the natural lash just like a magnet would. This adhesive can be used for all sets. Magnetic Vibe is latex free like all our adhesives and has a thin viscosity. Best temperature for this adhesive is 67-74. It is recommended to replace your glue dot every 10-20 minutes. Make sure to wipe your adhesive nozzle with a lint free wipe and cap the adhesive right after. Do not store your adhesive next to an open bonder. Keep in a dry cool place upright. 


NOTE: Do not refrigerate. Use foil to clean the tip. Shake side to side or with a glue shaker.

Our 5ml adhesive has 5ml worth of adhesive in a 10ml bottle. The reason is due to shipping & to make sure all ingredients can be shaken properly.

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