Matte Luxury Mobile kit

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This kit is our best one yet! Locked and loaded for all that clientele you have coming! This is amazing for any type of artist (advanced, newbie or somewhere in between) This kit will last for months! With Livbay products a little goes a long way so this kit is guaranteed to last! The top detaches to make a single kit and it’s stacked and packed with all that new new! 

-Climax Bonder
-Glue Aid 
-Bladeless Fan 
-Mix n Mingle lash bath concentrate 
-Pop it off glue nozzle remover 
-Pink squirt bottle 
-4 pack Taste Tester of Cloud 9 .18/.15./.05/.03
-Acrylic Tweezer Stand
-Transparent tape 
-Purple paper tape 
-Gentle paper tape 
-Nichiban tape 
-Cling adhesive 5ml 
-Clear adhesive 5ml 
-Original “OG” 5ml 
-Series 3 adhesive 3ml 
-Melt Away 60 second remover 
-Banana Primer 
-Glisten up 3 range Clip on Light 
-Glue Cannister 
-50 Pack of foam Eyepads 
-Self absorbed Glue fine catcher 
-Pack of Microfiber wands (50)
-Pack of Round mascara wands 
-Pack of Lint free wipes 
-LoveBird Red Tweezer duo with pouch 
-Magnetic Tweezer case (weapon of choice) 
-Sweet Cheeks
-Cutie with a bootie 
-Hook it tweezer 
-olive you Magnetic Case
-300 Promade Fan box (our choice C or D) 
-4 Matte Love for you trays (our choice) 
-4 OG Lash trays (our choice) 
-Black Aluminum Rolling Kit