Lash & Brow Tint Kit

Our Vegan/Animal Cruelty-free kit is perfect for those Beauty Professionals who want to tint their beautiful clients! This kit comes with Deep Black, Dark Brown, and Medium Brown (Don’t worry other colors are coming soon).
Our Kit contains the following 
  • Color cream 10ml: 3pc
  • Developer cream 10ml: 3pc 
  • Tint brush: 1pc
  • Contour & Mascara brush: 1pc 
  • Glass dish: 1pc 
  • Cotton stick: 10pcs 
  • Micro brushes: 10pcs 
  • Mascara brushes: 2pcs 
  • Eyebrow brushes: 2pcs 
  • Disposable gloves: 5pcs 
  • Cleansing cotton: 10pcs 
  • Eye pads: 5pcs