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Glue Aid

Glue Aid


Glue aid will help your glue dry faster when humidity is too low, and you are experiencing a slower dry time or sticky adhesive that doesn't feel like it's curing correctly. Always apply to the base of your lash strip. Avoid applying to natural lashes or once placed. When your environment gets finicky and your adhesive isn’t adhering, Glue Aid comes to the rescue and quick! 

Apply 2 drops of the Glue aid to 2 micro-swabs.
Apply at the base of your lash strip on tile. 
Use when you are at your wits end with your temperature and humidity. 
This aid will speed up the adhesive when humidity is low or sticky adhesive that feels it’s not drying properly. 
This product goes a long way so don’t splurge!
Good for 12 months unopened and opened.

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