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Didn't Make the Cut - Rainbow Baby Tweezer (Fiber Tip)

Didn't Make the Cut - Rainbow Baby Tweezer (Fiber Tip)


14cm longer neck a tip than rainbow baby Jr. If you love the Jr and want something bigger this one is for you. All applications work with this tweezer. 5 inches. 

All of our tweezers are made with hand finished chromium steel. Chromium steel privets great corrosion resistance against most chemicals as well as atmospheric conditions. It can withstand temperature for high heat sterilization. Our special metal has superior wear resistance and maintains the finest point on the market. Each tweezer is counterbalanced to allow for more meticulous lash application.

Didn't Make the Cut Items were tested out and not up to 100% par for selling full price. Tweezers are workable just can’t sell for full price. Lashes & other items may have marks on boxes, stickers or a row missing.


*All sales are final and non-refundable or exchangeable.
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