Refresher Courses

Looking for a quick refresher or a new skill to add to your menu, introducing LivBay Lash Online Courses! Click on the buttons below to learn more about the perfect course for you!

  1. Lash Lifts w/ Juliani (LIVE Zoom Course) (6851622830142)
  1. Mega Vega (LIVE Zoom Course) (6700473188414)
  1. Classic 101 (LIVE Zoom Course) (6917809471550)
  1. Twice is Nice: Refresher Courses (6918626050110)
  1. Volume 101 (LIVE Zoom Course) (6962306908222)
  1. Core Four: Refresher Courses (6918627196990)
  1. Hybrid 101 (LIVE Zoom Course) (6917809537086)