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  • LivBay Mega Mirror

    Get up close and personal and see corner to corner with our mega mirror.  
    $ 16.00 USD
  • LivBay Lash Bath

    Bath & Brush Combo. Keep your lashes healthy and happy with our tear free foam bath. Designed to remove oils and build up from your lids and lashes while balancing...
    $ 16.00 USD
  • LivBay Lash Micellar Cleanser Water

    Our strawberry-scented LivBay Micellar Water is perfect for removing makeup with extensions because it's oil-free! 100ml 3.5 fl. Oz
    $ 15.00 USD
  • Lash Tape Dispenser - LivBay Lash

    Perfect for avoiding time finding the end of your tapes during appointments. Light weight and fits a 3mm tape the best. This dispenser unfortunately does not fit out blue medical...
    $ 15.00 USD
  • Gel Remover

    Our LivBay Gel Remover is fast-acting and only needs the littlest amount to dissolve any bond. The firm gel ingredient prevents any leakage in the eye. Perfect for any type...
    $ 15.00 USD
  • Eyelash Banana Scent Primer

     Our Banana Scent LivBay Lash Primer is a must-have, especially for your oily clients. Not only does it help balance the PH level, but it also strips natural oils and residue...
    $ 15.00 USD
  • LivBay Ring Light

    Click & snap! With 3 different lighting settings to perfect your photo our ring lights enhance your already perfect Lash Sets!
    $ 15.00 USD
  • LivBay Fan

    Our 3 speed USB rechargeable fan.
    $ 15.00 USD
  • Lash Makeup Bag - LivBay Lash

    Just a cute makeup bag
    $ 13.00 USD
  • Cream Remover

    Our LivBay cream remover is not your standard remover. Avoiding gel, our cream remover is designed to eliminate any irritation during or after the removal process. The consistency is thicker...
    $ 12.00 USD
  • Foam Tape

    Substitute your eyepads for this amazing multi use foam tape. Gentle to remove and an excellent cushion for your tweezers. A great alternative for clients allergic to gel pads. One...
    $ 10.00 USD
  • Lash Glue Rings (100 count) - LivBay Lash

    Conveniently secure your glue and keep it close & fresh with our pink disposable Sassy Glue rings! We recommend an inner liner of foil for the reuse of each ring....
    $ 10.00 USD
  • Medical Tape

    This medical tape is a go-to for sensitive clients. This tape provides a painless removal but tight grasp to secure bottom lashes and secure the eye pad. This tape is...
    $ 10.00 USD
  • Round Lash Wand (Pack of 50)

    Round mascara wand- 8.6cm of pure fluff. These are designed for Volume and Mega lashes from corner to corner. NOTE: Contains 50 wands
    $ 10.00 USD
  • Mini Lash Wand (Inner Corners)

    These mini mascara brushes are just perfect for those hard to reach corners. (Measuring 10.6cm) Smaller than your average wand & perfect for aftercare kits! NOTE: 50 wands in each...
    $ 10.00 USD
  • Metallic Duo case

    Holds your two favorite tweezers perfectly! 
    $ 9.99 USD
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