Witty Glue

0.5 Dry Time, Cherry Scent

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Best retention, smells bomb 🍒 , every lash artist's favorite!

Our new Latex free adhesive smells like fresh Cherries and dries at lightning speed. Can be used for any set.

0.5 Dry time - Cherry scent

The sweet spot in temperature is 67-73 and humidity is 35-65%

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Owe a lot of my success

I really don’t think you guys realize how much you’ve helped me on my lash journey. You explain things in such a thorough manner. I actually retain the information & I honestly owe a lot of my success to the valuable information shared by the LivBay team!

Helped me elevate my craft
I can’t get over your products & your content. You’ve helped me elevate my craft

- Cassie K.

The BEST retention!
Man I’m sold !My clients are seeing the best retention, the way these lashes are after 6 weeks! Love love!

- Elena E.


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Climax Bond XL Edition 30ml (4762522058814)

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