Eden - Lash Glue


This multi-purpose adhesive is a 1-1.5 adhesive. This adhesive is like a Magnetic Vibe and Mega bond had an unscented baby. Power retention with a smooth adhesion.

  • 1-1.5 Dry time 

  • Thin Viscosity 

  • Low Fumes 

  • Black in color 

  • Retention 4-6weeks

  • 30-70% humidity

  • Best Temp is 65-76F 

  • Best unopened up to 6 months, good opened up to 4 months if stored correctly

NOTE: Do not refrigerate. Use foil to clean the tip. Shake side to side or with a glue shaker.

Our 5ml adhesive has 5ml worth of adhesive in a 10ml bottle. The reason is due to shipping & to make sure all ingredients can be shaken properly.