What is the Difference Between Volume & Mega Volumes Lashes?


Since the day of introduction, volume and mega volume lash extensions have been incredibly popular lash styles among lash lovers around the world. If you are a lash artist or thinking of starting out, you’ll need to know what is the difference between the two, how to create them, and what supplies the volume lashing process requires.

In this article, we break down the process of making complicated volume and mega volume lash extensions and give you tips from professional lashionistas.


Before Mega Volume and Volume Lash Extensions

Before volume lashes, there was a single lashing style - classic, which is still widely used by this day. Creating classic lashes includes attaching one lash extension to a single natural lash. This is a great way of adding length and modifying the natural shape of lashes, however, those who lack volume or want an extra boost, can’t really get much out of the classic lash sets. Volume and mega volume lash extensions have been true game-changers in a lashing community.

Volume lash was introduced to the world by Russian lash artists about 6 years ago. Since then, it has been in high demand. As for mega volume lash extensions, they are upgraded versions of volume lashes for those, who can’t get enough of the fluffiness.

Now let’s dive deeper into each one:

Volume Lash Extensions

To make lash volume extensions, we attach 3 to 8 lash extensions to one natural lash. It is made possible by creating fans - a group of extensions that are stuck together and get glued on the same natural lash. To avoid adding too much weight on the client’s lashes and make those fans of appropriate size, you need to use super fine falsies. It is recommended to use 0.05mm-0.07mm lashes for volume lash extensions (in comparison, we use 0.15mm-0.18mm diameter lashes for classic).

Which Tweezer To Use For Volume Lashes

While classic lashes can be done with any tweezer, creating a volume lash style requires a specific tweezer with some kind of turn at the tip. The whole philosophy behind this is the fact that it’s not possible to create fans with straight tweezers. We recommend using the J curve tweezers that allow you to use the pinching technique for making fans without much of a hassle. Additionally, this type of tweezers makes wide and fluffy fans, which are what every gorgeous volume set needs.

Note, that when it comes to tweezers, they are usually a personal preference. So even though many artists at LivBay Lash love using the J curve for volume lashes, it doesn’t automatically mean that you will too. There are many different tweezers that work for volume lash sets and we’re sure, you’ll find yourself one.


Who’s Volume Lash Extensions For?

Volume lashes are perfect for clients who want to give their lash line extra fluffiness and fullness. Depending on which type of lash curls you use, the volume lash set can come out either natural or extra-looking.

Note that, not every single natural lash can bear volume fans. You need to choose strong, fully grown lashes for applying extensions. So make sure you go through your client’s lashes before starting with volume extensions to ensure that their natural lashes can take it. 


Mega Volume Lash Extensions

The mega glory of mega volume lash extensions comes from attaching even fuller fans to lashes than in volume set’s case. You can use up to 20 lashes in a single fan! Sounds intense? Well, that’s what mega volume extensions are all about. Because of the fact that we use a greater number of lashes, they have to be even finer than the ones that are included in the volume sets. It is recommended to use 0.03mm diameter lashes for mega volume fans to ensure that natural lashes won’t get too pressured by their weight.

Which Tweezer To Use For Mega Volume Lashes

As mega lashes are even crazier than volume ones, they require some extra effort to be made. In order to make fans that consist of 10, 20 lashes, you need to have trusty tweezers that will be able to handle these numbers. We recommend you to give L curve a try. Tweezers with L shaped tip can pick up a bigger quantity of lashes at one go and make narrower fans. Therefore, when working on a mega volume set, this type of tweezers are a great option to bet on.

Who’s Mega Volume Lash Extensions For?

Mega volume lash extensions are for clients who are willing to go over limits and rock an edgy, super-full lash look. However, you also need strong natural lashes to work with so make sure your client has a lot of those.

Given the fact that mega volume extensions are super dense, they require thoughtful daily cleansing because a lot of dust and natural oil get stuck in there. So make sure you stress the importance of keeping the lashes clean when consulting your clients after mega volume lash extension is complete.


Are Volume and Mega Volume Lash Extensions Safe?

Clients that come to our salon often ask us whether volume/mega volume lash sets are going to lead to losing natural lashes. If you are in a lashing industry, we’re sure you’ve heard a couple of those. So having a full answer to your customer’s concerns is important.

Let’s go through 3 most common superstitions about these lash styles:

  • Mega volume lashes/ Volume lashes interrupt the growth of natural lashes - This statement is wrong for one simple reason - lash fans that are used for mega and volume lash extensions are only applied on fully grown lashes that have completed their growth cycle. As for the emerging baby lashes, we don’t touch them at all, because they are simply not strong enough to hold volume fans. So while your client goes around with gorgeous, fluffy lash extensions, her baby lashes continue to grow without interruption.
  • Volume/Mega volume causes lashes to fall off - The thing is, if the extensions are attached correctly, they won’t damage natural lashes even a little bit. While having extensions, the natural shedding process is taking place and lashes do fall off. This leaves a noticeable gap in a lash line as lash extension comes off with a shedded lash. Some clients think that the extensions caused the loss of a natural lash when in reality, the natural lash takes down the extensions with it.
  • Volume and Mega volume lashes are uncomfortable - Whoever says that, haven’t had a chance to experience a professional lash artist’s work because having lash extensions is not supposed to be felt at all. When it comes to volume and mega volume, isolating lashes is extremely important. If you attach a fan of lashes to more than one natural lash, your client will have a pulling feeling through all 6 weeks of having lashes on. So, when you practice your volume and mega volume lashing skills, take extra time to master isolation. We recommend you to use a curvy isolating tweezer as its defined tip makes blocking annoying baby lashes super easy.


Volume and Mega Volume Lash Extensions: Recap

So the main difference between volume and mega volume lash sets is the number of false lashes that are attached to a single natural lash. You should use different lash diameters for each in order to not weigh down your clients’ lashes. As for tools, fanning techniques, and lash curls, it all depends on your personal preference. Don’t be overwhelmed or give up if you don’t create perfect fluffiness on your first try! Nailing volume and mega volume lash extensions are going to be worth your time, effort, and patience.

You can shop top-notch lash extension supplies here. We wish you successful lashing!



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