What Every Lash Artist Needs In A Lash Extension Kit - 8 Things You SHOULDN’T Lash Without

What Every Lash Artist Needs In A Lash Extension Kit - 8 Things You SHOULDN’T Lash Without

Many lash artists think that performing a lash extension service is all about the technique. However, no matter how well-trained of a professional you are, if you don’t have all the necessary tools in your lash extension kit, the result will never be as flawless as you aim to achieve.


What You Will Need In Your Lash Extension Kit

We’re sure you have trusty tweezers, adhesive, and lashes for the job but are they enough? In this article, we talk about 8 must-have supplies that every lash artist needs in their lashing kit.


1. Quality Lashes, The Lash Extension Kit Essential.

What did you expect? Of course, we’re going to top this list with lashes. There are so many choices in the market that the selection can easily overwhelm you! There are different lengths, widths, curls, materials, and even colors you can purchase. How do you know which one to go for? While it mostly depends on the preference of your client, we can give you one ultimate tip - purchase lashes that are made of fake mink. There’s no doubt that real mink lash extensions are the most real looking. However, many clients are opposed to using it because they are products of animal cruelty. As much as we love lash extensions, we don’t think that they are worth animals’ lives! So it would be great if you considered purchasing synthetic mink lashes that are just as gorgeous as real ones.


Which lengths, curls, and widths should you use? It all depends on what lash extension style you are working on. So we recommend that you have mixed trays of different types of lashes in your lash extension kit to be able to create any look that your client’s heart desires.


2. Good Pairs of Tweezers In Your Lash Extension Kit.

Lash Extension Kit Tweezers

Tweezers are the main tools required in the lash extension service so we’re sure you already have a couple of them in your supplies kit. However, many lash artists don’t know that having different types of lash tweezers is a must.

Isolation Tweezers

Proper isolation is only achieved when you use an isolation tweezer that fits you like a glove. Note that tweezers are usually a personal preference so stay open-minded when shopping for one. For example, some of your colleagues may prefer straight tweezers but it doesn’t mean that you will too. You need to experiment with both straight and curvy isolation tweezers to find your perfect match. Keep in mind that faulty isolation greatly reduces retention and may make your client feel uncomfortable.

Application Tweezers

When it comes to tweezers that are used for picking up and attaching lashes, the variety of choices is much more diverse than in isolation tweezer’s case. Do you know that each lash style requires a custom pair of tweezers to make the job easier for you? For example, when you’re working on the volume set, J curve tweezers are the best option to make fluffy fans (in our experience, ofc). However, if you use the same tweezers for mega volume fans, they may come out to be too wide. So we use L curve application tweezers for mega volume lash extensions.

3. Strong Lash Glue

Lash adhesive is another absolute must-have for any lash artists’ lash extension kit. When you’re shopping for lash glue there are a few things you need to consider.


First, you need to take your climate conditions into the account. The performance of your lash adhesive depends on the humidity of your environment. So you need to choose one that is compatible with your location’s specific conditions. Every reputable lash glue provider puts the humidity range on the packaging so you won’t have to do extensive research in order to find the proper adhesive.


Because of the fact that lash adhesives are made of numerous chemicals that create strong fumes, some clients may develop an irritation or even full-on allergic reactions right under your tweezers. When this happens you need to have a backup adhesive to use for sensitive clients. Such glues are latex-free and don’t contain carbon black (a pigment that gives the glue black color). Using clear glue is great for customers whose eyes and skin tend to get itchy super easily. So you need to include it to your lash extension kit to continue lashing for your sensitive customers.

However, when you use sensitive glue, lash extensions last 1-2 weeks less than in the case of normal adhesive. So whenever you switch to sensitive adhesive make sure you tell this to your clients to manage their expectations.

4. Lash Primer

If you don’t have a lash primer in your lash extension kit, you may not be able to provide the service for some of the clients. The thing is, sometimes glue won’t stick to natural lashes or you may find it hard to isolate because lashes slip away. This happens because some clients have oily skin or lash lines, which makes it much harder for you to do a good job. Lash primer is a true lifesaver for such situations. The high-quality primer should balance a PH level and strip the lashes off of all excess natural oils to create a perfect setting for you to create a gorgeous lash extension set.

5. Lash Glue Remover

A lash glue remover is needed when the client comes in with old lash extensions. It is also necessary when you accidentally apply lashes at the wrong place and the adhesive dries down before you manage to remove it. There are two most popular types available on the market - gel remover and cream remover. Let’s see what’s the difference between the two:

Gel remover is of a thinner viscosity and works relatively faster than the cream one. However, as it consists of harsher chemicals, you should try to avoid it on sensitive clients. Cream remover is thicker so it is easier to apply without having to worry about it dripping on your client’s lids. Even though it works slower, cream glue remover is a safer option for your sensitive clientele.

6. Tape

What now? - this may be your reaction if you’re just thinking of stepping into the lashing world. Yes, honey, the tape is going to become your best friend once you understand how useful it is. Lash artists use tape for covering the under-eye area. It tucks in lower lashes so that they won’t come in a way when you’re focusing on upper lashes. Another great benefit of tape is that it secures under eyes from direct contact with lash adhesive. What’s more, if you’re working on a bit complex lash style that requires mapping, you can draw lines and make little notes for yourself on the tape.

We recommend using a medical tape because it is totally safe to use on the face. Plus, it doesn’t stick to your client’s skin too hard so it’s easy to remove.

7. Eye Pads

In recent years, eye pads have become must-have supplies in every lash artist’s lash extension kit. How to use it for lashing purposes? You need to place them first and then stick the tape over it. Pads provide extra care and security to your client’s under-eyes - the adhesive is even less likely to get on the skin and when you remove the tape, the sensitive under-eye area won’t get irritated.

Apart from all these, clients feel super comfortable when you use hydrogel eye pads. It soothes their eyes and hours of lashing service turns into relaxing spa treatment-like experience. So long story short, including pads in your lash extension kit, throws your lashing game to another level.


8. Nano Lash Mister

Nano lash mister is a true game-changer in the lashing industry. Never heard of it? Let us explain then! Nano mister is a tool that sprays a controlled micro-mist of water from its nozzle. When your client’s eyes start itching or feel uncomfortable in the middle of lashing, a nano mister can be a true lifesaver. Spraying it over the eye area soothes the skin and helps adhesive cure faster. But this isn’t even the biggest benefit you’ll get out of it. We’re sure you know that after getting lash extensions, water is a big no-no for at least 24 hours. Understandably, having to go without washing your face for a full day can be pretty hard for most of your clients. However, when you mist their lashes after the procedure, this “dry spell’s” duration cuts from 24 hours to 8, as the lash glue cures faster.


What Every Lash Artist Needs In A Lash Extension Kit - Are You Missing Anything?

Including all the products we talked about in your lash extension kit is going to take your lashing career to another dimension. Trust us, when you shop for supplies, you don’t want to be greedy. Investing in quality products is going to be your best decision that will pay off in no time. Be patient, tho! It takes time to find the perfect tools and products, especially at first, however, it is so worth it!

LivBay Lash’s team wishes you a successful lashing journey!


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