What Are The Best Volume Lash Tweezers?

What Are The Best Volume Lash Tweezers?


Volume lash extensions are so in style right now! More and more girls invest in bold, fluffy lashes that give the eyes an incredible appearance. LivBay Lash knows that to create a perfect volume set, you need to think about every single detail, such as lash types, adhesive, tools… The list can go on and on and we can talk about everything related to volume lash extensions for hours.

So we decided to dedicate this article to volume lash tweezers and tweezers only. We will give you some tips that’ll help you pick out your favorite volume lash tweezers and make your volume sets even more gorgeous.


Why Do I Need Separate Tweezers For Volume?

This is the question many beginners ask before they dive deep into lashing. At first, we all thought that one trusty tweezer was all it took, so don’t be embarrassed if you don’t get the importance of having separate lash tweezers for volume extensions. The thing is, there are many different lash extension styles and lashing techniques, which are way more complicated than simple classic lash extensions. After all, classic lashes simply require attaching a single falsie to a single natural lash.

When it comes to volume lashes, there is more action required than gluing extension to a lash. Fluffy volume lash extensions are achieved by applying 3 to 10 lash extensions to one natural lash. How so? To make sure that all the extensions are blended into the natural lash line seamlessly, we create lash fans of those 3-10 falsies and glue them. Making proper volume fans that have just the right width is not an easy task and mainly depends on the tweezer you’re using and how you’re using it.


What Kind of Volume Lash Tweezers Are There?

Did you think that there was only one type of volume lash tweezer? Nope! There are tons of choices. When it comes to choosing a tweezer, any tweezer, it always boils down to personal preference. A certain type of volume lash tweezer may work miracles for one lash artist and be a total headache for another. So here we are going to talk about a few trusty favorites of LivBay Lash artists, among which you will hopefully discover the one for you. Note, that all the tweezers we talk about have one in common - a curvy tip, without which making volume lash extensions is impossible.


Definition Tweezers

One of the most amazing types of volume lash tweezers is the one with a thin, defined tip. Let’s call it definition tweezers. Quality definition tweezers come in handy especially if you prefer using just a tip for making volume fans. This fanning technique is favored by more advanced lash artists.

The “just a tip” method goes like this - you pull desired amounts of lashes from the strip to kinda separate it from the whole bunch, wiggle the tip around the base to separate lashes, pick it up, and put it in a glue dot. The final step usually joins the base together so you don’t need to manipulate it further. As there are no hands involved in this fanning technique, you need to have a tweezer that has a super defined tip and a great sweet spot that allows lashes to fan out once you grip the tweezer. Definition tweezer has all these qualities, which makes it the great pick if you favor this particular fanning method.


Chubby Tip Tweezers

If you favor the pressing method for making volume fans, we are sure you’re going to gravitate towards the volume lash tweezers that have thicker tips. This technique has some learning curve to it but once you practice enough, it can become your go-to fanning method.

The pressing method includes a few simple steps - first, you grip the lashes and pull them out of the strip in one go. Then you press them back on the sticky pad, making sure that they are all connecting at a base. To be sure that the fan is strong enough, press the curved tip of the tweezers on it lightly. After that, you can fan out the lashes as wide as you like and the fan is good to go. The chubby tip tweezers are better for this method because pressing finely defined tips on the lashes may damage them so the thicker tip is more convenient.


L Tip Tweezers

Chubby or defined, when it comes to pinching fanning method L tip tweezers are our favorites. Because of the fact that pinching requires you to use your fingers to modify the fan, you need to have a tweezer that allows you to move your fingers freely.

Let’s talk a bit about the pinching technique in case you need to refresh your memory or you are hearing about it just now. Pinch method is the easiest to get hold of by beginners. It includes gripping and pulling the lashes off the strip and pinching the base with your thumb and index finger to ensure the strong bond. The tricky part is gripping the tweezers firmly while working on the fan. To make sure that the lashes won’t slide off, use the tweezers that close completely and don’t block your vision because of the curvy tip. That’s why we find the L tip tweezers by far the best pick for creating volume fans with pinching.

Another thing that makes L tip tweezers one of the best tweezers of volume lashes is the fact that it doesn’t let the fanning go out of the hand. It is especially important when you are working on the mega volume set that requires a larger number of lashes in a single fan.

The Importance of High-Quality Volume Lash Tweezers

While it is very important to have a type of volume lash tweezers that have the perfect shape for your preferences, it is not the only factor you need to consider. While you’re shopping for lash tweezers, you need to make sure that the quality of your purchase is on point. Due to excessive use, volume lash tweezers tend to go dull eventually. When this happens, you need to take the time to sharpen the tip and bring it back to its initial glory. The thing is, the quality pair of tweezers very rarely (if ever) need sharpening or replacing. So you need to take your time to search for a reputable retailer that has a reliable website and good reviews to make sure that your new volume lash tweezers last for a long time.


LivBay Lash Tweezers - Quality, Diversity, and  Reliability in One Store

LivBay Lash is proud to be able to offer a great variety of volume lash tweezers. As lash artists, we know how hard it is to find a reliable pair of tweezers on the market. That’s why we decided to bring together our favorite tweezers of all curves and shapes and share them with you. Click here to take a look at our trusty tweezers that are used daily by us in our salons.


We hope you’ll be able to pick your perfect pair!


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