What Are Different Lash Extension Styles? Required Knowledge For Lash Artists

What Are Different Lash Extension Styles? Required Knowledge For Lash Artists


Knowing the difference between various lash extension styles is one of the primary things every lash artist should know. If you’ve been the lashionista for a while, we are sure you’ve had quite a lot of clients who had no idea what kind of lash extensions they wanted to get.

This is where your professional opinion is needed the most. Knowing what are the main differences between various lash extension styles, makes your job so much easier. As you get more experienced, you’re able to consult the client on that matter by the single look of their natural eyelashes!

In this article, we talk about 4 lash extension styles: Classic, Volume, Mixed, and Mega Volume. These options are the most popular among the lash enthusiasts. So as a lash artist you definitely need to know how they work. If you don’t, LivBay Lash experts have got your back, gurl! Just keep on reading. 

Classic Lashes Extension Style


Classic lash extensions have been on top of the lashing game since the beginning. This option, out of all other lash extension styles is the most timeless. It is quite understandable because not everyone fancies a dramatic look that other lash styles offer. Now let’s dive down deep into the Classic lash extension style and see how it’s done. 

Lash Extension Styles

What is Classic Lash?

The Classic lashe extension style is sometimes called 1 to 1 or 1:1 as well. The philosophy behind this mathematically-sounding nicknames is the fact that creating the Classic style includes gluing a 1 piece of lash extension to 1 natural lash. The lashes used for creating this type of look are usually highest in diameter - from 0.15mm to 0.18mm

Who is it for?

Classic lash extension style is the best option for clients who have naturally full lashes and because of this do not require any additional volume. This type of extension is mainly used for adding length to natural lashes. On top of that, the Classic lash extension style is a great option for your clients who desire to modify their eye shape (for example turn naturally narrow eyes into wider ones). 

Volume Lashes

Volume lash technique revolutionized the lashing industry about 6 or 7 years ago. Before that, the Classic style was literally one and only option you could get. The Volume was first used by Russian lash artist, Irina Levchuk she started conducting volume classes around the world. That's why some people know her as a mother of volume.. Volume lash is sometimes called by its origin as well. So if one day the client asks for Russian, don’t be surprised - they want Volume!

What is Volume Lash?

The thing that makes the Volume lash style so exciting is the possibility to attach numerous lash extensions to a single natural lash. Usually, a single fan (number of falsies that are glued to a single natural lash) for the Volume contains 3 to 8 individual lashes. You can use the pinching technique to create fans and apply them on lashes effortlessly. This adds an incredible lift and glory to the natural lashes, which is exactly what makes the Volume lash extensions so popular.

Classic Lashes

Given the fact that you are sticking more than one fake lash to each natural lash, you shouldn’t use the same type of lashes that are used for the Classic style. Make sure you have thinner lashes in your supplies kit for the Volume lash extension style. We recommend using ones with 0.05mm or 0.07mm diameter. Any more than that may be too much to bear for your clients’ natural lashes, so have the lashes of these diameters handy when doing Volume. 

Who’s it for?

Volume lashes are for customers who want more than Classic lash style can offer but not something too dramatic. Of course, it also depends on the curl you decide to use but generally, Volume lashes are great for creating a look that’s full of fluff, however, still kind of natural. 

Mega Volume Lashes

In a lashing word we have our own definition of the word “extra” and it’s the Mega Volume Lashes. Out of all the other lash extension styles, the Mega Volume is the most stage-worthy and jaw-dropping option. Lash extensions don’t get fuller than that! 

What is Mega Volume Lash?

The Mega Volume is an upgrade of Volume style. The difference between the two is that the Mega Volume fans consist of up to 20 lashes (compared to 4-8 lashes used for the Volume a.k.a Russian Style). Lash artists often use the same pinching technique to make fluffy mega fans. It is recommended to create Mega Volume with extra-fine lashes to avoid adding too much pressure on natural lashes. The perfect diameter for creating this lash extension style is 0.03mm

Mega Volume Lashes

Customers are often concerned whether the Mega Volume is going to ruin their natural lashes because the legend says that this particular style interferes with the natural growth of the lashes. The truth is, when creating the Mega Volume, we only glue extensions on fully-grown lashes, leaving those baby lashes alone. This means that they are free to grow at their natural pace, while those mature lashes keep the fans in place. So if your worried clients are having second thoughts about getting the Mega Volume, you can help them get over their doubts with this piece of information. 

Who’s Mega For?

I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now - the Mega Volume lash extensions are for the customers who are not afraid to go over limits. This style is as far from natural-looking as possible because the fluffiness of it is unreal. Plus, it’s mega-popular nowadays, so make sure you learn how to nail it!

Mixed Lashes

Mixed lashes, also referred to as Hybrid lashes, is a relatively newer term in lashing vocabulary. Also, they are considered to be the hardest of all the lash extension styles to create. Don’t be scared of them tho - once you get enough practice, you’ll be able to master the gorgeous, spikey look the Mixies are known for. 

What is Mixed Lash?

Mixed lash extensions are a combination of Classic and Volume styles. The amazing thing about this type is that it adds both length and volume to the natural lashes. As for the choice of lash extensions, the same rules apply - if you’re doing 1:1, use the 0.15-0.18mm lashes you normally use for the Classic and Switch to 0.05-0.07mms when creating fans to add some volume. 

Mixed Lashes

The thing that makes this lash extension style harder to achieve is the fact that it varies from client to client more than any other option. Determining whether to go for 1:1 or volume in certain places is a unique experience in each customer’s case. One way to become a pro of the Mixed lashes is to master mapping. When it comes to the Mixed style, there's only one, kind of universal tip we can give you - if you aim the longest lashes to the arch of the client’s eyebrow it is likely to work out well. 

Who’s it for?

Mixed lashes are the best choice for the clients who are looking for a settled look but need to add both length and volume to their natural eyelashes. An ultimate thing that makes this style unique is that when done right, it looks very natural. Just look at Kim Kardashian’s lashes…

lash extension styles for lash artists

 Yup, that’s what we’re talking about.  

Different Lash Extension Styles: Final Words

Classic, Volume, Mega Volume, or Mixed, all these lash extensions styles look gorgeous when the lash artist has proper skills to create them. Make sure you know the main differences between these 4 to choose an ultimate look for your clients and believe us, they’ll never walk away unhappy from your appointment! 

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