Synthetic lashes vs Natural lash extensions – Which one is the better choice?

Synthetic lashes vs Natural lash extensions – Which one is the better choice?


The retention and appearance of the lash extension set depend on two factors - mastery of a lash artist and quality of the products used to create the look. Of course, it is also important that the client takes proper care of the lashes after the appointment, however, as a lash artist, you are the one responsible for the quality of the supplies and lashing techniques.

If years of being in the industry taught us anything is that you can do everything right but still not get ultimate results because of using products that are not right for you. In this article, we are going to talk about one of the most popular subjects in the industry regarding lash extensions - Which one is the better choice: synthetic lashes or natural lash extensions. Hopefully, you’ll be able to answer this question for yourself by the end of it.


Synthetic vs Natural Lashes: Materials

Before we dive deep into details, let’s talk about the materials that are involved in manufacturing both synthetic and natural lash extensions.

When someone mentions natural lashes, they usually mean real mink lashes. Yup, we are talking about actual hairs from those cute, funny animals. Now we’re sure you can guess that animal cruelty is involved in the real mink lash industry. Duh! Those animals did not voluntarily sacrifice their fur to the beauty of lash extensions. While real mink lashes are 100% legal to use and do have some benefits, LivBay Lash doesn’t want to take a part in encouraging animal cruelty. So we always recommend our colleagues to switch to other alternatives such as silk or faux mink lashes.

Silk lash extensions are technically also natural lashes as silk is an organic product. However, authentic silk is rarely used in the industry. Most of the manufacturers use synthetic silk for creating silk lash extensions.

Faux mink lashes are probably one of the most popular types of lashes. The main idea between faux mink is to mimic the possibilities that real mink allows. It is a 100% vegan alternative that is made of plastic fibers. There were times when such synthetic lashes were considered too fake-looking but as for now, advanced technologies made it possible to improve the quality and appearance of faux mink lash extensions.


Natural Lash Extensions: Pros & Cons

Even though we covered the disturbing truth behind real mink lash extensions, we still want to list some pros and cons of these natural lashes to give you the general idea.

Pros of Natural Mink Lashes

Durability - One of the biggest benefits of using natural lash extensions is the fact that they tend to hold up longer than synthetic lashes. Due to the fact that real mink lashes are extremely fine and lightweight, they manage to stay stuck to the client’s lashes for a longer time.


Natural Look - As real mink lashes are actual hairs, they blend into a person’s natural lashes almost seamlessly. Therefore, those who prefer to keep the lashes as natural as possible, usually gravitate towards natural mink lash extensions.  


Fluffiness - Because of the fact that mink lashes are super fine, they allow lash artists to create fluffy sets, which is sometimes hard to achieve with synthetic lashes if you don’t own high-quality ones.


Cons of Natural Mink Lashes

NON-cruelty-free - We said it once, we are saying it again - natural lash extensions are a result of animal cruelty.


Possible Allergies - Real mink lashes can cause allergic reactions if the client turns out to be sensitive towards it. So as getting lash extensions already involves working with the glue that consists of some allergens, it would be better to work with synthetic lashes that are 100% safe, to minimize the chances of inconveniences.


Need to Curl - As mink lashes are actual hairs, they do not hold the curl just like our own lashes. So they require constant curling in order to keep them in shape all the time, which is very hard considering the fact that you can’t use mascara with lash extensions.


Limited Possibilities - Natural lash extensions don’t come in as many types of curls as synthetic lashes, therefore, they don’t leave much room for creativity.


Higher Costs - Real mink lashes are way more pricey than fake ones. It can cost as much as $500 a set. While this may look like a great deal for a lash artist, keep in mind that the mink lashes retail for 5-6 times higher rates; so natural lash extensions are expensive for both lash artists and clients.


Synthetic Lash Extensions: Pros & Cons

Synthetic lash extensions have a lot of benefits that make them easy to work with, however, there are some downsides that you need to consider as well:

Pros of Synthetic Lashes

Vegan - The fact that synthetic lashes are vegan and cruelty-free, therefore, 0 animals suffered to manufacture them, is already a win, if you asked us!


Limitless Possibilities - Synthetic lashes are man-made, which makes it possible to create any length, curl, width, or appearance that might come in mind! This allows lash artists to make each request work without having to worry about finding proper lash types for the job.


Permanent Curl - Synthetic lash extensions are made in a way that allows them to maintain the curl, meaning that they never lose their posture of shape. This is a very important feature because not being able to use mascara is not a problem as synthetic lashes stay on fleek all the time.


Affordable - Faux mink lashes are very affordably priced as they are made of poly-fiber, which is generally a cheap material, however, it does a great job.


Cons of Synthetic Lashes

Weight - Synthetic lashes are high in weight, therefore, they are a bit of a headache for our natural lashes. So before starting a lashing service, the lash artist checks whether the natural lashes are strong and healthy enough to hold the extensions.


“Fake-Looking” - Synthetic lashes are glossies and shinier than natural lashes, which gives them so-called plastic appearance. To be honest, this is all about personal preference. the fact that we’re putting this as a Con may not be 100% correct. The glossiness of synthetic lashes is adored by a lot of girls who strive for bold looks. What’s more, you can find matte synthetic lashes that dial down shininess.


Synthetic Lashes vs Natural Lash Extensions: Making Smart Choices

LivBay Lash strongly believes that synthetic lash extensions are better alternatives due to so many factors and we are sure you’re on board as well. However, choosing high-quality synthetic lashes might be a bit problematic given a variety of options that are available on the market. Why go too far, tho? We offer you the very lashes we use in our top-rated salons. Here you can find a great variety of premium synthetic lash extensions that we (and not only we) swear by! We’re sure you’ll love the price and quality that we provide.


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