Premade Lash Extension Fans - Volume Lashes Made Simple

Premade Lash Extension Fans - Volume Lashes Made Simple


To put it simply, volume lash extensions are the present and future of the lash industry. More and more lashionistas come into our salons requesting fluffy volume lashes - classic, modest lash extensions don’t seem to be enough anymore!

So based on this, our suggestion to emerging lash artists is to master creating volume lashes as soon as they can to keep up with evergrowing demand. However, this lash style isn’t what you may call easy. It requires a lot of practice and speed of hand. Fortunately, there is a shortcut that’s just the relief newbies need - premade lash extension fans. In this article, Livbay Lash tells you everything about premade fans from A to Z. 

What Makes Volume Lash Extensions So Difficult?

To understand the difficulty of volume lash extensions, we need to go way back to classic lashes. So, classic lashes are created with the simplest technique there is. You just take a single lash extension, dip it in the glue, and attach it to a single natural lash. ...and Voila! That’s pretty much all you have to do. As timeless as classic lash extensions may be, they don’t work well for those whose natural lashes lack in density.

Volume lash extensions are true life-savers for such clients! They are created by applying not one, but several lash extensions to each natural lash. The falsies that get attached to the same lash, need to be made into fans before dipping into the glue. Fanning is exactly what makes volume lash extensions a tricky job. To master grabbing several lashes at one go, pinching the ends together to make a fan, and making sure that the fan is well-formed can take a long time. At first, it can even double the process of lashing! So premade fans are the great solution for beginners to try before they speed up their fanning game. 

What Are The Benefits of Premade Fans?

Without further ado, let’s get familiar with the beauty of premade fans. Well, the name says it all - premade fans (also known as pro-made lashes) are the type of extensions that are specially made for creating volume lashes. The fans are made by the lash suppliers and sold widely. They have quite a few benefits compared to handmade fans. Here are a few of them: 

Cutting Time - The first and most obvious one is the fact that they cut lashing time drastically. Even the most skilled lash artist takes some time to make fans. Being able to purchase ready-made fans is a great relief for those, who have an appointment after appointment and value each second of their time. 

Beginner-friendly - Emerging lash artists who still have a long way to go before they learn how to lash fast, can definitely cut themselves some slack by purchasing premade lash extension fans. Even though they don’t have as many customers, their clients will definitely prefer to get their dream volume lashes as fast as possible, without having to sit in a chair for endless hours. 

No Volume Training Needed - If you lash with premade fans, there’s no need to get training in creating volume lash extensions. After all, most of what they teach you is how to make fans. Premade fans make it possible to accept volume lash appointments with just being trained in making classic sets (which is totally enough). 

More Money in Less Time - All the benefits that are listed above, work in favor of your wallet. Doing volume lash extensions costs more than classic sets. Additionally, with the time you save thanks to premade fans, you are able to have faster customer turnover, which also adds to your profit. 

How To Lash With Premades?

Creating volume lash extensions with premade fans is easy peasy compared to when you work with handmade ones. Premades make it possible to lash as if you were working on a simple classic set - you attach one fan to a single natural lash. All you have to do is pick up a fan from the tray (do it gently so that you don’t ruin it) and dip it slightly into the glue. As the end of the fan is already bonded, you don’t have to soak it into the glue to ensure a strong bond. Once you do it, put it on the well-isolated natural lash, shimmy it around to make sure the fan is attached well and that is it! Sound so relieving after reading endlessly about complicated fanning techniques, right? 

How To Choose The Best Premade Volume Fans?

Now that we covered all the benefits of premade fans, we’re sure you can’t wait to purchase your own trays as soon as possible. But make sure you don’t rush into anything! There are countless possibilities available both on the internet and storefronts all around the country and not all of them are worth your money. So before you make a purchase, you need to make sure that you are buying a quality product. 

Here are a few tips from LivBay Lash that’ll guide you through the sea of choices:

Find a Trustworthy Retailer - No matter which lash product you are planning to buy, it is important to research the seller to make sure that they are worth your trust. The best thing you can do is to look for reviews - customer feedback never lies! 

Go For the Heat Bonded Option - It makes a huge difference whether the premade fan is bonded with heat or the glue. If you use a glue-based one, it means that lash extensions will get double-coated in the adhesive (when you dip the fan in the eyelash glue). This actually messes up the retention of the whole set. So heat-bonded premade fans are the better picks. 

Make sure they are light - Some premade fans that lack quality tend to be heavy and thick. As a result, using those adds too much weight on your client’s natural lashes, which can be a cause of premature shedding. So we recommend you to pick premade fans that are between 0.5-0.7mm in diameter - the perfect width for volume lash extensions. 

LivBay Lash - Top-notch Lash Supplier You Can Trust

Here, at LivBay Lash, we used to struggle to find quality premade fans that allowed us to create flawless volume sets. So we decided to have our own line of lashes that we know would never let us down. We always recommend LivBay Lash’s premade lash extension fans to anyone who asks for the suggestion because they are tried, tested, and loved by us and our clientele. We’re sure you’re going to fall in love with our soft faux mink babes after just a single use! 

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