Lash Extension Supplies - Must-Haves For Professional Lashing

Lash Extension Supplies - Must-Haves For Professional Lashing


Did you know that lash extension is one of the most popular beauty trends of 2020? Well, of course, you do - that’s how you got here! As the demand for long, fluffy eyelashes keeps on rising, more people want to learn how to lash like pros and choose the best lash extension supplies.

Volumized lashes we see on celebrities may look effortlessly stunning but achieving such results is quite a journey, especially for lashing newbies. So if you are taking first steps as a lash artist or maybe looking for a level-up, you’ll need to have a killer toolkit with all the necessary lash extension supplies. We are here with useful tips from professional lashionistas who know what tools and products are essential to make lashing more successful and comfortable for both clientele and yourself. 

Holy Trinity of Lash Extension Supplies

While the perfect lashing service requires a lot of products, there are 3 essential ones that you won’t go anywhere without - tweezers, adhesive, and lashes (duh!). Any esthetician can find a way to replace other supplies that may not perform well during the procedure. However, if any member of the lashing holy trinity fails, there’s no getting out of the bad Yelp review. 

LivBay Lashs team of artists has a few recommendations to help you choose right tweezers, adhesive, and lashes that will never do you wrong. 

Quality Lashes - The Stars of The Show 

We are sure this isn’t going to be a shocking revelation - the high-quality lashes are the main ingredients of the successful lashing job. Believe us, you don’t want to be greedy when it comes to purchasing lashes. No matter how good of a service you provide, your clients aren’t going to be happy with results if you choose the cheap route. 

In today’s lashing world, synthetic faux mink lashes are one of the most popular lash extension supplies in the market. Compared to the other options, they are more flexible and look posher when applied. The lashes also vary in shapes, lengths, and widths. To determine which one is the perfect choice for the job is totally up to you and your client. We recommend you to always have a mixed tray that contains curvy (C shaped), dramatic (D shaped), and leaner (L shaped) lashes to be prepared for creating any look. It also helps to have lashes of various lengths handy to make more natural-looking fans.  


  • Tip from LivBay Lash Artists - Deciding which type of lashes to use can be tricky so make sure you ask your clients to show you a picture of the kind of lashes they want to get. This way you’ll be able to choose the ultimate shapes and sizes to ensure the maximum satisfaction of your clientele. 
Pair of Tweezers - The Queen of Lash Extension Supplies

Pair of good quality tweezers is one of the most important tools for lashing. Even if you have everything else in check, when tweezers fail you, it’s hard to save the day. So be very picky when purchasing the one for your lash extension supplies kit. There are versatile shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from, which can be a little overwhelming. However, your ultimate match can only be found by trial and error, so don’t be scared to give a shot to various types. 

The successful lash extension needs at least two pairs of tweezers - one for separating lashes and another for attaching. Even though tweezers are usually a personal preference and vary from one esthetician to another, many artists prefer the ones with curvy tips. This shape allows a more precise movement of the hand and grips lashes quite tightly. So if you haven’t found your perfect match yet, curvy tweezers are a safer bet for you. 

  • Tip from LivBay Lash Artists - It is smart to have an extra pair of tweezers in case you drop ones you’re using during the procedure. This way you’ll save yourself the precious time that you’d spend on sanitizing tweezers. It’s a good idea to get a small, cute tweezer case that won’t take up too much space and keep your extra tweezers nice and clean.  

  • Adhesive - The One That Glues it All Together

    Another irreplaceable item in the lash extension supplies kit is adhesive - so-called “lash glue” that holds fake hairs on actual lashes. Considering the fact that adhesives are chemical substances, you should read the ingredients carefully before purchasing one. Even if you do that, you’ll always have at least one client whose eyes get irritated and runny super easily. Make sure you take such cases into consideration and purchase a sensitive adhesive as well, which is free of carbon black and lowers the chances of allergic reactions. We should also note that glues that are meant for sensitive eyes have lower retention. So don’t forget to explain this to the client when switching from regular to sensitive adhesive. 


    Eyelash glues vary in drying time as well. The faster it dries the quicker lash artist should work. If you are a beginner, there’s no need to pressure yourself. Buy a glue that takes more time to dry down. This will give you a few extra seconds to really nail the adjustment of the lash and also, will leave some space for making mistakes without ruining the look.  

    • Tip from LivBay Lash Artists - Environmental factors play an important role in determining the durability of the lash extension. Therefore, make sure you consider the humidity of your location while choosing the adhesive. Every reputable lash glue supplier puts this information on the packaging, so you won’t have to do much research to find proper lash glue for your climate. 

    Lash Extension Supplies That Speak of Your Professionalism

    Lashing is a very intimate experience between the artist and a customer. It requires being very close to each other and therefore, you need to make sure that your client feels comfortable. So the search for proper lash extension supplies doesn’t end with lashes, tweezers, and adhesives. There are various other products that’ll not only make your work easier but also make you look more professional and reliable in your clientele’s eyes. 

    The Primer

    There can be times when your customer’s natural lashes refuse to stick with extensions or slip from tweezers. This is an instant indicator that your client has oily skin/lashes, therefore, the extension needs some extra effort. An ultimate solution for such cases is a lash primer. A good primer should balance the PH level and strip natural oils to ensure strong retention. It can also help you clean the amount of eye residue and give you a clearer space for working. 

    Glue Remover

    Another essential member of the must-have lash extension supplies is a lash glue remover. There’s a chance you won’t need this unless the client wants to get old extensions removed. However, if something goes wrong during the procedure, and the adhesive dries down in the wrong place, you’ll need a quality remover to save the day. The most popular adhesive remover types are gel remover and cream remover. The first one works faster but contains relatively harsh chemicals, while another has a slower effect but is safer for sensitive eyes. Which one you choose is totally up to you and the customer.

    Eye Pads

    While lashing is no spa treatment, a pair of moisturizing eye pads can make a drastic difference for the lash extension service. These little things make the customers feel soothed and well-treated, therefore, the value of a lash artist who uses pads during procedure raises immediately. Besides this, pads will help you cover bottom lashes so that they won’t get in the way when working on the upper ones. Trust us, if you include eye pads in your lash extension supplies, it’s going to put you as an artist on another level. 


    Lash Mister

    This item is going to be a game-changer for both your clientele and yourself. Lash mister is created to be used after lash extension to speed up adhesive drying time drastically. Another great benefit lash artists get from mister is its soothing effects on inflamed eyes. If your client’s eyes feel irritated or twitchy during the procedure, mister will be a life-saver. We recommend using a nano lash mister that is very convenient to use because it sprays a controlled micro-mist of distilled water that comforts eyes immediately.     


    The Must-Have Lash Extension Supplies: Final Words

    We hope that our tips will help you fill your lash extension supplies kit with products that bring you a lot of success and recognition. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tools - this is the only way you’ll find the items that feel the rightest. Remember, it takes practice and dedication to become a lashing pro, but when it happens, your patience will pay off. 

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