How To Choose The Best Eyelash Extension Glue

How To Choose The Best Eyelash Extension Glue


Using a quality eyelash extension glue is the key to strong retention. There are countless lash extension adhesives available on the market so deciding which one to go for can be a bit overwhelming.

Especially if you’re taking the first steps in the industry. Considering that lash glues contain a lot of harsh chemicals, having information about the ingredients, correct storage conditions, and other specifics is essential when choosing the lash extension glue that ensures maximum retention and safety.

In this article, we cover all the criteria you need to take into account while on the search for some quality adhesive. So buckle up and make sure you pay attention!


Eyelash Glue Ingredients

Let us warn you - this section may take you back to chemistry class but don’t freak out - we’ll keep it simple! The main ingredient included in every single eyelash extension glue on the market is Cyanoacrylate. There is a false belief, that lash adhesives shouldn’t contain this chemical at all. Well, you can try but you won’t be able to find the one without it. Now the truth is that there are 5 types of Cyanoacrylates and some of them should never ever be used near the eyes.

The ones that you should stay away from are called Methyl and Methoxy. The first one contains the strongest fumes and even though the adhesion quality is super high, it is too dangerous for eyes. As for Methoxy, it is less dangerous but the adhesion is so low that it won’t do you any good at all.

The types of Cyanoacrylates that are safe are Ethyl (average fumes, strong adhesion) and Butyl (low fumes, low adhesion). Ethyl is the most commonly used because it ensures strong retention without damaging the eyes. However, it may still cause irritation for some clients. This is where Butyl comes in and saves the day with being on top of the ingredients of sensitive adhesives.


Tip From LivBay Lash Artists - Some eyelash extension glues may not have the list of ingredients included on the packaging. If you absolutely need to buy them, contact the manufacturer and ask for the full information about used chemicals. But girl, if possible, stay away from such shady providers.


Best Climate For Lash Glues

It’s the well-known fact that every eyelash extension glue is sensitive to temperature and humidity. So when buying one, you need to consider your environment. Every reputable glue manufacturer provides information about the range of humidity and temperature that should be kept in order to maximize the adhesion. Here’s why it matters:

If you live/work in a place with higher humidity, the glue drops that you make during the procedure will cure much faster, meaning that it'll lose the necessary powers for strong adhesion. On the contrary, when the climate is dry, the lash glue takes forever to cure. So if you live in Miami or New Orleans, grab yourself a lash glue for humid climate. If you’re lashing, say in our beloved Las Vegas, NV you’ll need an adhesive made for low humidity.


Sometimes humidity can change drastically throughout the day. If it happens a lot in your environment, we recommend you purchase eyelash extension glue that’s suitable for a wide range of humidity (glue with 30-70% range would be ideal).

As for temperature, it’s mostly universal for every adhesive. 68-73 Fahrenheit range is as much as your lash glue can take so make sure you keep it in this temperature all the time.


Tip From LivBay Lash Artists - It’s a good idea to have a device that measures humidity and temperature at your lashing place. If you notice that the weather conditions change noticeably, you can change your adhesive accordingly.


Lash Adhesive Drying Speed 

Lash adhesives vary in drying time as well. The only recommendation we can give you is to choose the one that corresponds to your lashing speed. For example, if you are just starting out as a lash artist, we’re sure that you can’t lash as fast as pros who’ve been in the business for years. Don’t worry, speed comes with practice and before that happens, you can use glue that’s a slow dryer. You can start with a 2-2.5 sec glue that will give you just enough time to apply lash extensions without sweating too much. As you get faster, you can switch to 1-2 sec adhesive that is proven to be the best bet for lash artists with medium skills.

You also need to consider that some lash styles require glues with precisely fast drying time. We’re talking about volume and mega volume lash extensions that are super popular nowadays. If you want to start doing them, you better speed up your lashing because slow dryers don’t work with these styles. The thing is that the volume and mega fans lose width and posture if the glue doesn’t dry super quickly. For these lash styles, 1-sec glue is the best and only option.


Tip From LivBay Lash Artists - When you’re just starting out it is hard to get enough clients to practice a lot and develop faster. If this concerns you, we recommend that you get a lashing mannequin head that will allow you to work on your skills anytime and get much more quick-handed in a shorter period.


Sensitivity To Eyelash Glue

Some customers are allergic to basic lash adhesives. You’ll need to purchase a sensitive glue just for such clients. We recommend using the glue that’s latex-free or carbon black-free, depending on the allergies that your client has. It minimizes the chances of irritating your clients’ skin or eyes.


Note, that sensitive lash glues come with certain drawbacks. The drying time is noticeably low (about 2-2.5 seconds), meaning that you’ll find it hard to create fans for volume and mega volume lash extensions. Sensitive adhesives tend to have lower retention as well. Lash extensions that are made by such glue last up to 4-5 weeks, which may be less than your client expects. So when switching to sensitive adhesive, make sure you explain this to the customer to manage their expectations.


Tip From LivBay Lash Artists - If your client’s eyes start to feel itchy or irritated during the procedure use a nano mister that sprays distilled water. It will help clear the adhesive much faster and soothe your customer’s sensitive eyes.



Say, you read all the ingredients, considered humidity factor, sensitivity, drying speed, and finally found your perfect eyelash extension glue. Don’t think that these are enough to make the most of your adhesives. If you don’t store and maintain them properly, they won’t work as well as expected. So we feel obligated to tell you about the dos and don’ts of eyelash glue maintenance:


  • Shake WELL Before Every Use - Make a habit of shaking your adhesive every time before opening it. This way you’ll ensure that all the ingredients are getting on the extensions. If you choose to shake it with your hand, move it side to side and not up to down. Make sure you do this for at least 2 minutes. We know it’s a workout but trust us, it’s definitely worth the results. If you want to make this task easier for yourself, you can get a lash glue shaker that will cut the shaking time to 20 seconds assuring that all the ingredients are mixed perfectly.

  • A Fridge Is Not Always The Answer - It’s a common fallacy that eyelash extension glue lasts longer if you store it in the fridge. However, some adhesives should not be refrigerated if you want them to work at all. So before rushing to the fridge, check the packaging, the retailer website, or contact the manufacturer to find out whether it’s okay or not.
  • Avoid Heat - The lash glue needs to be stored away from any kind of heat exposure. So make sure you put it in the place where sunlight or heat of any sort cannot affect it.
  • Change It Often - Lash adhesives last about 4 to 6 weeks after being open. If you continue using them after they expire… well, please don’t! Trust us, you don’t want to save money on lash glues! Although, if you’re new to lashing and have only a few clients your bottle of glue may last a couple of weeks longer - you open it less often, therefore, it rarely interacts with the air.


Choosing The Best Eyelash Extension Glue: The Final Words

If you consider all of our little tips and recommendations about lash adhesives, you’ll be able to create strong lash extensions with the retention to die for. Yes, there are a lot of steps to finding an ultimate glue but becoming the client magnet ain’t easy! Keep on working on your progress and don’t think twice to pay a few extra bucks for high-quality supplies.

We wish you a successful lashing journey!


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    Hello. I’ve been using the mini black blue. But I feel like my clients Lahes fall pretty fast. I use a primer and also a bond. I shake my glue pretty good, I do free lash baths , and even switched glue to oil resistant, but my clients lashes don’t have a good retention. Any recommendations to what I can do,? I want to give up applying lashes because I feel like nothing works for me.

    Nancy Kang

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