How to Choose Lash Tweezers

How to Choose Lash Tweezers


Every reputable lash artist knows that having a trusty pair of lash tweezers is crucial to successful lashing. While there are numerous other tools involved in the process, if the tweezers fail you, there’s a huge possibility that the whole look will go down with it.

If being in the lash business for this long taught us anything, it’s the fact that choosing the right tweezers for lash extensions, greatly depends on personal preference. However, we also learned that there are some lash tweezers most artists gravitate towards.

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about lash extension tweezers and hopefully, help you choose your ultimate companion in the lashing journey.


Lash Tweezers For Isolation

Properly isolated lashes are the very foundation of gorgeous and durable lash extensions. If natural lashes aren’t isolated well, the natural shedding process of lashes will be interrupted. Meaning that lashes that are stuck together may come off faster than they would at their own pace. Additionally, if the pair of lashes are glued to a single fan or a lash extension, your client will definitely feel uncomfortable. And having eyelash extensions shouldn’t be felt at all! That’s why having a trusty pair of isolation lash tweezers is essential for every reputable specialist.


Isolation tweezers come in different shapes and sizes. They can be either curved at the end or entirely straight. Tweezers that have a curvy tip are favored by hundreds of lash salons or individual artists, including us. An amazing benefit of curvy isolators is that they give you more freedom of movement. What’s more, working with curved tip tweezers lets you get a tight hold of those annoying baby lashes that tend to poke through all the time.

lash tweezers

Don’t get us wrong - straight isolation tweezers are loved by lashing masters all around the world as well. It’s just the fact that those are a bit harder to get comfortable with so they are considered to be less beginner-friendly.


Tip From LivBay Lash Artists: Some clients have naturally curly lashes that are extremely hard to isolate. You think you got one and BAM - the tiny lash curls through! Have precise tip lash tweezers handy for such cases. Believe us, they are going to cut your isolation time in half!


Lash Tweezers For Different Lash Styles

Once you find your fave isolation tweezer, you have to pair it up with another one(s) that will work as your literal right hand in picking up and applying lash extensions. We’re sure you know by now that there are several different lash extensions styles, which require an individual approach and set of tools - especially tweezers. For instance, while one pair works fabulously for making classic lash extensions, it may not be as handy for mega volume. So let’s see what types of tweezers are better for each extension style.

Classic Tweezers

Classic lash extension is the oldest and the most timeless of all. The technique for it is pretty simple - you attach a single lash extension to one natural lash. Because of the fact that this approach is very simple, having the separate tweezers just for classic extensions isn’t a must. However, there are some options that work extremely well for them.

Our personal favorite for creating an everlasting classic look is a quality pair of straight tweezers. Because of the fact that the lashes used for classic style are the thickest, they don’t need extra fine tips for tight pickup. If you are not a fan of straight tweezers, we recommend using tweezers with a more defined finish that can also be used for the volume and mega volume lash extensions.

Isolation Tweezers

Tip From LivBay Lash Artists: It is likely to be more comfortable if you don’t use the same type of straight tweezers for applying extensions that are used for isolating lashes. There’s a good chance that a shorter straight tweezer will be better for lashing than the longer version that is mostly used for isolation.


Volume & Mega Volume Tweezers

You bet your sweet butt that crafting glorious volume and mega volume lashes need a very specific pair of tweezers. When it comes to our customer-favorite lash styles, you might as well forget about straight tweezers - they aren’t any good for them. Both volume and mega lash extensions are made by applying several falsies on a single natural lash. In order to create the perfect fan that will glue to your client’s lash effortlessly, you’ll need to pick your tweezers very carefully.

Volume and mega volume lash extension tweezers should be long and must have some sort of curve or twist at the tip. Our favorite tweezers for creating such dramatic looks are L shaped and J shaped tweezers. They both have the perfect soft spot for gripping smaller lashes that are used for the volume and mega (we’re talking about lashes of 0.07mm to 0.03mm diameters thick).

Blue Lash Tweezers

Note that L shaped tweezers can pick up a bigger quantity of lash extensions at one go. They also make narrower fans. Therefore, many artists prefer using Ls for mega volume, which includes creating fans with up-to 20 individual extensions. As for the J curve, it is best known for making wide and fluffy fans, consisting up to 5-6 individual lashes - just the perfect amount for the volume fans.


Tip From LivBay Lash Artists - Always have an extra pair of tweezers when going to the appointment or taking clients in the salon. If any of your tweezers fall on the ground during the procedure, you cannot continue using them. In such inconveniences, the spare ones will save the day.


Lash Tweezers For Eye Pads & Tape

It may come as a surprise but using tweezers for applying and removing eye pads and tape is the must. The pads are used for tucking lower lashes to keep them secure while working on upper ones. As for tape, it holds down hydrogel pads from slipping and sliding during the lashing session. Yes, you can rely on your fingers for placing and removing pads and tape, however, there’s the big chance that this will be quite awkward for your clients. Not everyone fancies having stranger’s hands touching their faces! Using tweezers for this purpose will take you to another level as a lash professional. Plus, your clients will feel more comfortable, which is something every lash artist should aim for.

Sharp Tip Lash Tweezers

We recommend using tweezers with more round and thick tips for modifying pads and tape. If the tip is sharp or too thin it may scratch your clients’ skin. The curve allows you to be confident and work faster without being too worried about your movements while adjusting pads and tape. Beginner lashionistas are going to have a blast of these thick tippies because they are super easy to work with for the most lash extension styles.


Tip From LivBay Lash Artists - When it comes to tweezers, never underestimate the need of keeping them clean all the time. We recommend you to have a small, handy tweezer case, which will help you store all your tools safe and sanitized from any external impact until you are ready to use them.

Lash Tweezer Kit


Choosing Lash Tweezers: Final Words

When you are searching for perfect lash tweezers there are so many factors to consider - the size, weight, tip, shape, color... We can talk endlessly about different options that are available on the market but in the end, it all comes down to you. A certain type of tweezer may work perfectly for one lash artist but the exact same one can be extremely inconvenient for another. So be patient! It will take some time but you will find the tweezers that feel so weightless and comfortable in your hands that you won’t even feel like you’re holding anything. Our final tip would be to not be afraid of making mistakes - professional lash artists aren’t made in a day - it takes some trial and error to get there.

We wish you happy lashing!


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