How To Care For Lash Extensions, Can They Last "Forever"?

How To Care For Lash Extensions, Can They Last "Forever"?


Lash extensions certainly will not last forever but as a lash artist, we are sure you’ve had at least one client who got mad because their lash extensions didn’t last as long as they expected. Follow this guide to see how to get the most out of your new lashes


We definitely had such cases across our lashing journey. The thing is, no matter how amazing of a job you do at the salon, if your clients don’t practice proper lash extension aftercare routine, there’s no way the retention will last long. And even if that’s the case, trust us, you’ll be the one to get all the blame. Don’t freak out just yet! There’s a way to avoid this type of inconvenience - make sure you do your best to manage your customers’ expectations. If you give them very clear instructions on lash extension care, you won’t have to worry about disappointing your clientele.


In this article, we talk about all the necessary steps of the lash extension care. Make sure you read thoughtfully and take notes!


Avoid Water On Lash Extensions For 24 Hours

No Water On Lash Extensions

Every reputable lash artist should tell the client that taking care of lash extensions starts from the second they leave the parlor. The primal recommendation is to keep lashes away from any moisture for the first 24 hours. If water touches the adhesive that’s been sitting there for less than a full day, the extension is going to fall off. Understandably, it is quite hard for some clients to go this long without showering or washing their face. However, there’s something you can do to shorten the no-water period for them - mist lash extensions after lashing procedure. Using a nano mister that splashes a balanced amount of distilled water on lashes, cuts this time in half. Plus, it has some soothing properties, which is very handy if your client’s eyes get irritated in the middle of the procedure.

Lash Extension Aftercare Tip from LivBay Lash - To make the no-water rule easier for your clients, tell them about it over the phone, when they book the appointment. This way, your customer will come prepared, and avoiding water will be less of an inconvenience.  

Cleanse Lash Extensions Daily

It may sound contradictory after what you’ve just read but washing lash extensions is one of the most important things you can do to ensure retention. Of course, after the first 24 hours go by! When consulting clients, make sure you stress the importance of making routing out of washing lashes daily. If extensions aren’t cleaned properly, natural oils from eyes and skin will affect the effectiveness of the lash glue and as a result, lash extensions will not last long.

Proper lash cleansing has its specifics:

Use Quality Cleanser

In order to maximize the durability of the lash extensions, your clients should choose the cleanser thoughtfully. The most important rule is to only use oil-free products (we are trying to get all the oils off of lashes, remember?). Another very useful tip you can give your clients is to go for foamy cleansers instead of gel or creamy ones. Foamy cleansers don’t require rubbing to get activated and believe us, there’s nothing worse you can do to lash extensions than rubbing!

Cleanse With Brush

Being gentle is crucial at every step of the lash extension aftercare. Because of this, it is preferred to use a brush for washing lashes instead of fingers. The perfect brush should not be big and puffy (we are looking for something similar to a round concealer brush). You should also tell your clients that it is best when bristles of the brush aren’t bendy - we need them to get all the way into the lash line. Using brush lowers the chances of leaving any soap in between your lashes. If the cleanser sits too long it is going to ruin retention so make sure to recommend cleansing brush to your customers.

Lash Extension Aftercare Tip from LivBay Lash - Once you wash your lash extensions, they may be clumpy, which is normal. You can use a clean mascara wand for brushing that’ll bring back their previous glory.

You can also see a video of a lashing expert showing the step-by-step lash cleansing routine.

Dry Gently

After cleansing lashes with foam and water, you need to be extra careful until they dry. It is super important to tell your clients that lash extension aftercare is all about being very gentle with your eyelashes. It is okay to tap the towel delicately to remove extra water that’s dripping into the eyes. But NO RUBBING. After that, leave the lashes alone to dry on their own. If your client doesn’t have time to wait for lashes to dry naturally (volume and mega volume lashes may take a few hours to air dry), recommend using a handheld fan. These types of devices are extremely mobile and don’t produce excessive heat so using them for lash extension aftercare is totally harmless.


Lash Extension Aftercare Tip from LivBay Lash - It may sound tempting but using a q-tip for drying lash extensions is a very bad idea. Cotton can get stuck in between the lashes very easily. And once cotton pieces are in, they are impossible to remove without damaging the extensions.


Avoid Using MakeUp

One of the most important steps of lash extension care is avoiding eye make up at any cost. Of course, it helps the retention to not use any makeup at all, however, we can’t decide for our clients. As a lash artist, you need to tell them that the more make-up they use, the less their lash extensions last. These restrictions don’t apply to everything - clients are free to use as much foundation and powders on their faces if they are oil-free and don’t interact with lashes. Now the real concerns are mascara and liquid eyeliner. Originally, lash extensions serve the purpose of boosting your eyes’ appearance in a way that they don’t need any extra products. However, if your client absolutely has to wear mascara or liquid liner, tell them to choose water-based and oil-free options to reduce the damage. 

lash extension aftercare tip

Lash Extension Aftercare Tip from LivBay Lash - The optimal way to apply mascara on lash extensions is to only use it on tips. Going deep into the lash line may cause a fallout. Oh, and for god’s sake, restrict eyelash curler usage - lash extensions won’t lose their posture, therefore, no extra curling is needed.

Avoid Heat Exposure


Believe or not, melted lashes are a thing. So when you are giving client lash extension aftercare tips, don’t forget to stress the importance of avoiding the heat. When exposed to extreme heat, synthetic lash extensions start to melt and stick to each other. The most common cause of scorched lashes is a blow dryer. In the process of styling, the heatwave may easily hit the face. To minimize the chances of affecting lash extensions, it is smart to use a lower heat setting when getting closer to an eye area. Apart from a blow dryer, make sure you mention other potential lash-melters, including stoves, ovens, and cigarettes.

lash extension blow dryer

Lash Extension Aftercare Tip from LivBay Lash - If your client’s blow dryer doesn’t allow a cooler heat option, recommend them to flip their head over and dry upside down. This may be a bit of a challenge for some, however, the eyes stay clear from the direct heat.


Don’t Miss Your Touch-Ups

Lash extensions can last up to 6 weeks if maintained properly. However, as natural lashes tend to shed daily, the extensions come off with them as well. It is very important to set an appointment for touch-ups somewhere in between 2-3 weeks. This procedure usually includes refilling lashes that may have fallen out. The refill is much cheaper and less time consuming than lashing from scratch. However, if this step is missed, lashes are going to show off gaps and look very weird. So make sure you explain this to your clients if they call to cancel touch-ups.

eyelash extension refill

Lash Extension Aftercare Tip from LivBay Lash - Some clients take better care of their lash extensions than others, therefore, they may need a refill later than usual. It is great if you call the client a few days prior and ask them how the lashes are looking. This way you may save some precious time both to your customer and yourself.


How To Care For Lash Extensions: Recap

To go over all the point we made one more time, here’s a small summary of the lash extension aftercare tips we discussed:


  • Avoiding water for 24 hours after lashing.
  • Cleansing extensions daily with proper cleanser and brush.
  • Using gentle techniques for drying.
  • Minimizing the use of makeup.
  • Avoiding extreme heat exposure.
  • Never missing a refill appointment.


    Don’t forget to explain these steps to your clients to give them an understanding that the retention of their lashes is in their hands. Be open to questions and further consultations to ensure that your customer never walks out unhappy from you. We wish you a successful lashing journey!


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      It was really interesting to me when you explained that it is important to avoid exposure to high temperatures when you have eyelash extensions. Would high heat exposure also include sitting out in the sun when trying to get a tan? My wife is planning on getting extensions soon and she usually likes to spend some time outside during the week to sunbathe. It might be a good idea for my wife to be a little more cautious with tanning when she gets her lash extensions.

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