How Long Do Colored Lash Extensions Last For? What You Need To Know.

How Long Do Colored Lash Extensions Last For? What You Need To Know.


Having lash extensions has become quite common. A lot of girls rock bold volume and mega volume sets and are willing to go even further. As a result, colored lash extensions moved from haute couture runways to the streets.

Here at LivBay Lash, we get quite a lot of requests to create colored lashes and we’re sure you do too. If you do not have any experience in working on colorful lashes, it’s about time you get started! In this article, we gathered all the information lash artist needs to know about colored lash extensions.


Colored Lash Extensions: Extended Possibilities For Everyone

When you hear colored lash extensions, we may think that we are talking about extra bright edgy colors such as pink, red or blue. When in reality any lash extension that isn’t black, falls into the colored category, even the dark brown and blonde tones. For clients with lighter complexions, getting colored lash extensions that match their natural hair color is much more convenient because full-on black lashes might look too unnatural on their faces.


Enhancing Natural Endowments

The colored lash extension can be great for enhancing natural features such as the color of the eyes. You know how green-eyed people use purple eyeshadow to accent their eyes? Purple lash extensions can work just as well for the same purpose. The same goes for blue eyes with blue extensions and brown eyes with green lashes combos.

The thing is, you don’t have to use colored lashes all the way for enhancing the client’s eye color. You can suggest combining colored lashes with a larger percentage of regular black lashes. This way the final look is more down to earth, however, little bits of colors still make the eye color stand out.


Full-on Colorful Lash Extensions

While colored lash extensions can be used with black ones or to match the client’s natural hair color, some prefer to go for bolder looks. We’re talking about a rainbow spectrum colors! Nowadays, plenty of girls use bright-colored mascara on a daily basis. For them, getting colored lash extensions in their favorite shade is super convenient. This way they won’t have to apply and remove mascara every single day, which can save them some time. What’s more, lash extensions can save you from a natural lash loss that frequently happens due to excessive use of mascara.


Working on Colored Lash Extensions

Now that we covered all the ways colored lash extensions can be used, let’s talk about how they are to work with. Generally, there’s not much of a difference between working on regular lashes vs colored lashes. However, there are some nuances that you need to take into account while working on a colored set:

Use a Different Lash Glue

Normally, we used black lash adhesive for eyelash extensions. It blends seamlessly into a regular set. If you use a regular adhesive, colored lash extensions will last exactly as long as the black ones, which is up to 6 weeks. However, if you and your client decide to go for colored lashes, black glue will show, especially with lighter, brighter colors such as yellow or lavender. At LivBay Lash, we prefer using clear glue for colored sets. It does not contain carbon black (the pigment that turns adhesive black), therefore clear glue dries down seamlessly on bright colors.

There’s one slight drawback when using clear glue - it doesn’t last as long as a regular adhesive. As result retention isn’t as lengthy (4 to 5 weeks instead of 6). So whenever you use clear glue, make sure you tell this to the client.


Faux Mink Lashes Work Best

Colored lash extensions are easier to work with when they are made of faux mink. If you usually work with natural lashes, you won’t able to find bright colors as mink lashes range in black and dark brown. You can also try the silk lashes, however, as they weight more, it is quite uncomfortable for clients. The excessive weight of silk colored lashes won’t let you do more complicated sets than classic, because silk lash fans may be too much to bear for natural lashes.

High-quality faux mink lashes will do you no wrong when it comes to colorful sets. They allow lash artists to create different lash styles, plus they have a more shiny appearance, which boosts the look even more. 


Colored Lash Extensions Are More Time Consuming

When you’re working on mixed set, meaning that you use both colored and regular lashes, the process is likely to be more time consuming than usual. The reason behind this is the fact that you need to think through where you’re going to position colored lashes. It is hard to plan in prior, so you’ll have to decide in the process. At first, deciding where to attach colored lash may be kinda tricky, however, as you get more practice, you’ll be able to become much faster in nailing symmetrical application. 


Manage Client’s Expectations

When your client comes in requesting colored lash extensions, make sure they understand that it is a long term commitment. 5-6 weeks is not a short time, so your customer needs to realize that having bright-colored lashes 24/7 may not be so convenient. If they are having second thoughts during the consultation, suggest them to try a mixed set for starters. This way they’ll be able to see if they feel comfortable with the color and if they do, they can get full-on colored lashes for the next appointment.


Stand Out From The Crowd

When someone is wearing colored lash extensions, everyone stops and stares to adore the unusual beauty of their look. Many lash artists don’t realize that offering colored lash extension service makes them stand out from the crowd as well. Look around you! Not every salon works on creating colorful sets. It a person wants to get colored lashes, they may have to look for an artist who does them extensively. So by becoming one of the few lash artists who do colors, you can make your business unique.


Colored Lash Extensions: Final Words

Adding colored lash extensions to your kit can take your lashing business to another level. Just make sure you work closely with your client to choose the best color for their personal requirements. Oh, and remember, colored or not, if lash extensions are not of high quality, your hard work will go down to the drain. Make sure you take a look at our wide selection of lashes that LivBay Lash artists swear by! We’re sure you’ll be able to make some great picks.


We wish you a colorful lashing journey!


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