Best Eyelash Extensions For Almond-shaped Eyes - Mapping Techniques

Best Eyelash Extensions For Almond-shaped Eyes - Mapping Techniques


Learning basic lashing techniques and styles doesn’t make you an eyelash extension master, however, being able to create unique sets for each customer’s individual needs such as almond-shaped eye types does.

The main point of consultation before giving a lashing service is deciding which lash extension type suits the shape of your client’s eyes.

On today’s blog, we’ll talk about the best eyelash extensions for almond-shaped eyes. After all, this particular eye shape is the most common so most of you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to give your almond-eyed customers the lash extensions to die for.


Almond Eyes 101 Lashes

Almond-shaped eyes are the most common eye shape in the world. When you hear the phrase “almond eyes” you may think that you know what they actually look like but in reality mistake it for some other shape. Almond eyes are the perfect middle between round and narrow eye shapes. Almond eyes are about twice as wide as they are high. The width of almond-shaped eyes is twice as much as the height. This eye shape is considered to be suitable for most of the lash extensions types. We will share a few along with their mapping techniques. Mapping is a very important step of the process if you want to give your customer a tailored lash extension set.


Cat Eye Look Eye Lashes

One of the best picks for your almond-shaped eyes is lash extensions that give a cat-eye effect. Cat-eye look is achieved by starting with shorter lashes at the corners and gradually increasing the length through the end. Note that cat eyelash extensions tend to make the eye look longer and more narrow, so make sure your client understands when consulting before lash service.

Let's go through the mapping process that will help you decide which curls and lengths to use to create this classic look.

Cat Eye Lash Extensions Mapping

Cat-eye look can be either super dramatic or very settled, depending on what your client feels like. If your almond-eyed customer wants some extra dropped jaws, you can suggest doing the volume or even the mega volume set. If they are looking for a more settled option you can just go for a classic look that requires attaching a single lash extension to each natural lash. In either way, the step by step process looks like this:

  1. Start by examining the state of the lashes to get the idea of what you’ll be working with.
  2. Apply eye pads before tape so the mapping process won’t be too uncomfortable for your client.
  3. Start mapping from the inside corners of the eyes. You can use any length from 5mm to 9mm for the inner part. Which length you choose also depends on the type of curl you use. If your client wants a classic look we recommend using C curls, which is neither too straight nor too curvy. If the client is up for a more dramatic look, don’t hesitate to go for gorgeous D curls. Note, that if you go for D curl, using more lengthy lashes is preferred so that they won’t look short because of the curviness.
  4. After you attach enough lash extensions in the inner area go for the length that's 1mm longer than the ones you started with.
  5. Increase the length of the lash extensions gradually until you reach the outsides of the eye where you need to attach the longest lashes to complete the cat eye for almond eyes.
  6. Once you’re done, brush out the lashes with a clean lash wand to make sure that everything looks even. If you feel like something is missing, you can go back and correct it.



Doll Eye Look Lashes

The doll eye look is another suitable lash style for clients who have almond-shaped eyes. Doll eyelash extensions tend to open up the eye and give it a more round appearance. It is perfect for clients who want to have cute, big eyes.

Doll Eye Lash Extensions Mapping

Doll eyelash extensions are achieved by starting from the low lengths for inner and outer corners and gradually increasing so that the higher spot is in the middle of the eye. After that, you go down to lower lengths and finish at the outer corners. here’s how the mapping steps go:

  1. Again, examining natural lashes is a must. Brush out and go through them with a lash wand to be able to see the natural alignment of the lashes.
  2. Don’t forget to apply the eye pads to make the mapping process comfortable for the client.
  3. As doll eyes look more dolly with the long lashes, we suggest using less curvy curls. C or even straighter B curl to achieve maximum effect. As for lengths you can start from 7mm or 9mm and increase up to 18mm.
  4. To make the process easier, start by attaching lower lengths on the corners. This way you will be able to make a more symmetrical look.
  5. If your client's eyes are not relaxed and looking straight, you may miss the center. So, ask your client to try and “look” straight all the time (even though their eyes are closed during the whole procedure).
  6. As a final step, brush out the lash extensions to see if it needs some corrections.


The Perfect Customization

If your almond eye-shaped client wants something super unique that fits their eyes perfectly, we have a little trick you can use to create the look that complements their eyes the best. This is always the best approach when your client has no idea what kind of effect they want to achieve by getting lash extensions.

While mapping, take the eyebrow arch as a guide. Aim the longest lengths to the high point of your client’s brow. As a result, the final result will complement your almond-eyed client the most. This approach is always the safest bet because if you do a correct mapping, the result is going to guarantee a gorgeous eye look.


Eyelash Extensions For Almond Shaped Eyes: Prioritizing The Quality

To make sure that the lash extensions keep a good shape for a long time, you need to invest in quality products. We recommend using faux mink lashes that don’t lose the curl for as long as the client has lash extensions on. In the wide ocean of lash extension providers, LivBay Lash is proud to offer one of the best faux mink lashes on the market. Check out our wide selection of lashes that come in different widths, lengths, and curls. We swear by the quality of our supplies because we use them in all our salons for all our customers, including almond-shaped babes.


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