Are Classic Lash Extensions Worth It? The Timeless Lash Look

Are Classic Lash Extensions Worth It? The Timeless Lash Look


Classic lash extensions are very popular among lashionistas all over the world. Even though there are other gorgeous lash styles such as volume and mega volume extensions, classic lashes don’t seem to go out of the style. An ultimate natural and timeless look that classic lash extensions provide is favored by many lash lovers.

So as a lash artist, we’re sure you get a lot of requests for classic lash extensions. In this article, LivBay Lash tells you everything about classic lashes that will help you answer your client’s questions during the consultation and lash classic sets like a pro.

How To Make Classic Lash Extensions?

Let’s start from the very beginning and go through the process of making classic sets. Compared to other lash extensions styles, the classic one is the easiest to create. The technique is simple - working on a classic lash extensions includes attaching a single faux lash to each natural lash. This method is often referred to as a 1:1 or 1 to 1 technique.


What Supplies Do I Need To Create the Classic Lash Set?

Now let’s talk about the tools you are going to need to create an ultimate classic set. Let’s go through the type of lashes, adhesives, and tweezers that work best for the classic look.


Because we attach just one lash extension to the client’s natural lash, the diameter of the extension is relatively wider than of a volume or mega volume lashes. You can use the lashes of 0.15mm to 0.18mm diameters for the classic set. The exact width depends on the strength of the client’s lashes. As for the length, you can choose anywhere between 8mm lashes to 16mm. We recommend that you talk to your client about their expectations, ask them what type of look they are going for, and choose proper lash extension lengths according to that.



When you are working on any lash extension set, including the classic one, you need to use a proper lash glue. Given the fact that lash adhesive produces tons of strong fumes, you need to make sure that your client is not allergic to any ingredients that are involved. We suggest you ask about latex and carbon-black sensitivity (these ingredients are more likely to act as allergens). If your client turners out to be sensitive towards one or both of these chemicals, consider using clear glue, that doesn’t contain them. If your client has no allergies, congrats! You can use any high-quality adhesive for their classic lash extensions! Don’t forget to choose the one that is suitable for your location’s humidity and temperature to ensure that you get the most out of your lash glue. You can check out some of our favorite lash adhesives here.



When it comes to choosing tweezer for the classic lash set, there is usually no wrong tweezer for the job. As it doesn’t require you to create fans like in volume and mega volume sets’ case, using curved tip tweezers are not a necessity. In fact, some lash artists prefer using a simple, good old straight tweezers for 1:1 technique. The only recommendation we can give you is to use the tweezers that fit your hand perfectly. Never forget that holding a lash tweezer should not put too much stress on your wrist. So if you pick the one that has a proper grip and fits your hand perfectly, your classic lash set will never go wrong. If you still haven’t found your perfect fit, take a look at some of LivBay Lash artists’ favorite tweezers.


Who’s Classic Lash Extensions For?

Sometimes the client may come into the salon to get a classic set, but when we examine their natural lashes, it can appear that, for them, classic style isn’t the best way to go. Classic lash extensions are perfect for the clients who have naturally thick lash-line. The classic set will give them extra length and enhance the shape of their eyes.

The condition of your client’s natural lashes is also very important. Given the fact that lashes we use for classic set weight more than volume and mega volume lashes, you need strong, healthy natural lashes to work with. It is not recommended to provide classic lash extensions service for the clients who have weak lashes that are less likely to handle the weight of 0.15-0.18mm lashes.

If your client’s lashes lack volume but they still want to get lash extensions that look natural, you can suggest hybrid lash extensions. Hybrid lashes are a combination of volume and classic sets. We use volume fans to make the lashes denser and add length with classic lashes. As a result, we get wispy lashes that look both natural and full.


Are Classic Lash Extensions Safe For Natural Lashes?

There’s an ongoing debate about whether lash extensions cause natural lashes to fall out. In our experience, if the job is done by an experienced beautician and the extensions are taken care of properly by the client, lash extensions won’t cause any damage.

A lot of clients think that the extensions are damaging their lashes once they find a fallen lash on the pillow. What most of them don’t understand is that the natural lashes go through the growing cycles and after they reach the end of it, they shed naturally. Lash artists usually choose to attach lash extensions to fully grown lashes because they are thicker and ensure a strong bond. Once those lashes finish the cycle, they naturally fall off, taking the attached lash extension down with it. If the lash artist gives quality service, the client’s lashes won’t get any damage either in the short term or the long run.

As a lash artist, it is your responsibility to explain to your clients that how they take care of their lash extensions will also affect their natural lashes. It is important to wash your lashes daily, avoid makeup, not miss refilling sessions, and never remove them at home. Here’s our step by step lash extension care guide that you can share with your clients to ensure that both natural lashes and extensions are well maintained.


Classic Lash Extensions: Final Words

For some, they may be a little too simple but classic lash extensions have stood the test of time and proven that they will never go out of style. So it doesn’t seem like the lash artists will get fewer requests for classic lash extensions any time soon. We hope our small guide will help you figure your way out of the classic lashes and answer the questions of your clients regarding the service.


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