Ambassador Spotlight

Ambassador Spotlight

Meet Farren!

About her: 

“I was a single mom in high school, bartender through my early 20s, barely getting by. I met my now husband, by chance , at a new job an [ex] had JUST gotten for me. We had nothing, but he had hope and a plan [and a marketing degree🤣]. He sold his very own truck to put me through aesthetics school.

 I graduated just as we welcomed our first child  to the world. When she was 4 months old , I took a lash course and built our business from Scratch, ground up, with 500$ and a dream. 5 years later, We no longer worry about the power getting cut off. My husband is a stay at home dad and we and just bought a house in our dream school zone for our children to grow up in! We own a lash bar that is #1 on google for our area and amid a pandemic, had a 5% increase !!!This industry changed my life and I’m forever grateful. 

I am Proud to be a LivBay ambassador and to lead the way and help others grow in this rewarding industry. “


Her Must Have LivBay Products:

“Mega bond Adhesive and the Magic Mike tweezer combo took my artist game up a few levels when I took the LivBay course last year in Atlanta! The quick dry time allows for the perfect wrap of that mega fan!”


Her Advice for New Lash Artists:

“Even on the hardest day; let it all go, and wake up tomorrow, hungry - and come Back for more.”


Fun fact about Farren:

“My husband and I have kids from prior Relationships , named Bailey and Olivia and their nicknames have always been Liv & Bay 🥰🥰🥰

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Hi, I’ve been Alison Nolasco for six months now. I would love to be an ambassador for livbay I love the original glue it’s incredible, I want to represent your brand 🥹💗.

Alison Nolasco


I use livbay products myself and I was wondering how it might be possible to become a brand ambassador. Because I love what I use.

Katherine Martinez

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