Core Four: Refresher Courses

  • $ 800.50 USD
  • $ 800.00 USD

Need a little more than a refresher for more than one lash style? No problem! Pick up all three your must have refreshers that will help you dust off those tweezers and restart your lash journey today! All registrations will receive a 20% coupon to pick up their favorite lash supplies before the class!

Class Schedule: 10am - 2pm

What to bring:

  • Live model or Mannequin head or make up sponge (with lash strips)
  • Tweezers (Isolating & Volume fan making)
  • Blue or White tape
  • Your favorite LivBay adhesive
  • Eye pads
  • Lash Tray for your selected Class
*Must know volume lashes
**Must know mega volume lashes