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Premade Fans 0.05MM Heat Bonded D & DD Curl Mixed Tray

  • $ 19.50 USD

Our new short stem double heat bonded fans are to die for! Double heat assures your true curl will stay in place at all times.

Unlike glue bonded fans, heat bonded means the bottom of the fan is closed and sealed by heat rather than a block of adhesive.

Glue bonded fans create a heavier weight that’s unnecessary for a natural lash and can be extremely unhealthy. Heat bonded are safe for natural lashes and extremely weightless.

9-15mm in length.

  • .05 Premade D Mix (4D)
  • .05 Premade D Mix (5D)
  • .05 Premade D Mix (6D)
  • .05 Premade D Mix (8D)
  • .05 Premade DD Mix (5D)

*All D Curls are 4D, 6D & 8D - All DD Curls are 5D*