Heart to Heart Bundle


Introducing the "Heart to Heart" Bundle from LivBay Lash Supplies – a curated collection designed exclusively for lash artist this month of love. Valued at $157.60, this bundle is now available for only $65. Immerse yourself in lash luxury with premium supplies that elevate your artistry. It's time to turn heads, break hearts, and create lash masterpieces that'll have everyone asking.

Grab your Heart to Heart Bundle now and unleash the sass in your lash game! 💖✨

  • Lashes (may vary)
  • Climax Bond XL
  • Love Bird Tweezer Bundle (red or pink)
  • Peep Show - Pink Sheer Glue. 5 weeks retention. 1-2 sec. dry time, humidity range is between 30%-70%
  • Strawberry Primer.