$25 Didn't Make the Cut - Livbay Lash Lift

*Defective box/some leaked oil
Our Livbay Lash lift kit enhances the curl of your natural lashes and leaves you looking so amazing and natural. Our kit is pumped up with a ton of plant-based products leaving your lift good for 4-6 weeks. This kit is designed for beauty professionals trained in lash lifts. 

Your kit comes fully loaded with the following 

•5ml Cleanser 
•5ml Lifting Lotion
•5ml Fixing Lotion 
•5ml Nourishing oil
•5ml Lash Glue 
•Microfiber wands
•Lip Gloss wands 
•Mascara wands 
•Clear Wrap 
•2 Y combs
•6 silicone rods 
•2 cleansing cloths 
•2 sets of eye pads 
•Pink Lash lifting Tool 

After application we recommend waiting 24 hours for clients to use eye makeup including mascara, getting eyes wet, hot saunas or steam, and no facial treatments. *Up to 20 clients depending on usage of products 
*Didn't make the cut products are non-refundable and purchase is final.