Lash Extensions

LivBay uses the highest quality faux mink lashes. Each row is checked for quality to ensure you are receiving only the best.
LivBay Classic .15/.18/.20

A combination of Synthetic & Faux mink Lashes that are designed for Classic and Hybrid Sets. 

LivBay Flat Lash Classic Lashes .15/.20

Flat Lashes are a Classic lash with a flat but oval base which gives a dark and bold look. Our Flat lashes have a tiny split top so they give off a dramatic look, even for Classic styles. Keep in mind flat lashes give off a wider base but do not add any additional weight to the lash. Flat lashes have been said to adhere better for beginners as well.

LivBay Volume .05/.07
Our LivBay Volume lashes are known to fan like butter. They are deep black in color and used with any method of fanning.
Mega .03
Our Mega lashes fan like a DREAM. Using these lashes you can create the most dramatic and darkest look possible.
Livbay Matte love for ya Lashes
Our Exclusive Matte 16 row lashes have a unique matte darkness to them. They can be used with any method of fanning but are known for fanning off the strip. These lashes have zero shine to them and are extremely soft. Available in single and mixed lengths.
Big Mama Pre-made fans

320 fans of your choice that include 4/6/10D short- stem premade fans. Amazing for newer Lash Techs flirting with the Volume world or any other artist that wants to speed up their sets. Heat & not glue bonded so they are flexible to adhere. One row of 8 & 9mm and 2 rows of 10-16mm. Available in mixed trays only. 

Colored Lashes .05/.07

Our amazing colored lashes give that extra pop in all lashes. Fan like butter and come in all mixed trays except for rainbow and blue.

Easy Fan Lashes
Whether you’re a newbie with Volume & Mega or just want to speed up your sets these are for you! Easy fan lashes come on a layered strip so when you go to pick up, the heat bonded bases fans easily and symmetrically. If you’re a pinched get used to them fanning like butter in your tweezers!